How We Do Demos

September 15, 2016

“WOW, did not know DevHub did that!” said prospective DevHub customer a week ago. 10 minutes earlier we flew through a demo of how DevHub solves for both importing landing pages from a static platform and how we fix the URL formatting requirement within Google’s Expanded Text Ad requirements.

These are four main points we now nail in every demo.

  1. This is where you login everyday…
  2. You can customize this URL…
  3. Here is where you manage 25–1,000,000 of whatever you want to do
  4. Adding new products

We keep in short. Before any demo we go through a “discovery,” call where we learn about the prospective customer’s problems and how DevHub solves for those specific problems.

Now, that might be overly simplistic…but trust that knowledge has come from thousands of hours of demos and finally in the last 9 months listening to what clients thought was cool versus what we thought.

On our end we have developed the most robust platform built on open source technology that allows our users to control and scale safely and easily. Yet, 90% of our demos are with business and marketing folks who want to know as much about the technology as a little kid wants to sit through the Nutcracker. Tailoring the demo to how DevHub solves their current problems while painting the picture of “a day in life,” has increased our close rate by 50%.

Enterprise sales cycles are long sometimes even brutal, but cutting through the technologies features and solving a problem quickly; can/ does lead to shorter closes. Try it.

Post originally appeared on LinkedIn Pulse on 9/15/2016 and on Medium.