Changelogs for past 30 Days

March 22, 2017

Late January 2017


Full Proxy overhaul
Facebook Page App for FB landing pages
JSON schema tags
Adobe analytics adaptor


Auto module updates
Added linking to carousel module and master theme carousel
Default preview suffix is no longer hard-coded. It is now loaded from settings.DEFAULT_PREVIEW_SUFFIX
Site detail and oauth query optimizations
Added social URL macros
Auto disabling domain aliases when Sites are disabled
Added master theme controls for coupon background color
Added blog and auto module sitemaps
Slightly updated robots.txt logic
Blog module optimizations to remove queries grabbing all posts
Updated the email sending to strip the message-id

Bugs/fixes - 8 

February 2017


Textarea rows option added to Form Builder
Added lead_message field for Form Builder to add text above each contact form lead within emails
Favicon whitelabel settings
Sitemap index option for multi-directory depth white labels
Phone and Digit field types for Form Builder
Initial Proxy monitoring UI


Proxy enhancements
Ability to view proxies on the preview urls
Match type added as option when setting image replacement paths on Proxies
Proxy frontend now allows IP-based URLs as the source domain
New shipping calculation library (shippo)
New link validator that handles local paths and URLs
Shop now support base directory sites
Spam filtering now enabled by default

Bugs/fixes - 4