DevHub Midweek Update - Important Tips for Increasing Site Traffic

March 12, 2009


Hope you are all having a great week thus far!!!

A number of users have been asking us about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and generally how to increase the amount of exposure and traffic to their sites, so we wanted to make sure you guys are aware of the list of DevHub features that allow you to do just this...

  • Get on Featured Site Gallery: Our editorial team puts together Featured Sites of the Week every Thursday for our newsletter and gallery, so don't forget to submit your sites to ! Aside from bragging rights, sites that make it on the gallery get a valuable link back to their site from DevHub, which search engine spiders can follow follow through to your site. We continue to get quality entries and are impressed by the range and creativity of the sites submitted.
  • Optimize Metatags: In your DevHub site editor, click on 'Current Page SEO' and make sure to fill out the Meta Description and Keywords for each page. The Meta Description usually shows up in search engine results. This description, along with keywords, helps Search Engine spiders quickly understand what your site is about. About 25-40 Meta Keywords (separated by commas) is standard practice. Make sure meta information actually matches the content on that page, or it can actually hurt your Search Engine rankings!
  • Create Fresh Content: Search engines love fresh, original content and for those users who still haven't noticed, we have now launched robust blogging tools in the editor which enables you to quickly add and edit posts just like WordPress, Blogger, or TypePad. Unlike any other blogging platform, however, the flexibility of DevHub allows you to present your entries in more creative ways than just a long-scrolling page of entries (standard blog format). Here is an example of what we're talking about:

  • Get Socially Bookmarked: Just launched today, the 'bookmark this page' module (via an integration with ShareThis) allows you to place a social bookmark button on any page in your site. This button allows visitors to broadcast your site to others via email or via submission to social bookmarking sites such as Reddit, Digg, Delicious, FaceBook and more!
  • Let Google Know: The option to include Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics just launched as well, allowing you to place validation and tracking code in site headers and footers. You will first need to sign up for Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics accounts to get this code, then place it in 'Advanced Includes' fields by clicking on 'Site Settings' in the DevHub editor. Remember to have an ample amount of original and useful content in your site, or risk exposing your site as one that does not belong in the Google index!
  • Twitter it: Let your friends on Twitter know of your site launches and updates. Because of the virality in twittering, a simple, 'hey check out my new updates on' or 'just launched' on Twitter can get the word out pretty fast. DevHub will actually be integrating directly into Twitter very shortly to allow you to send out tweets directly from DevHub.
  • Spread the Word: Don't forget, there are other ways outside of the DevHub tools and features that allow you to increase exposure of your site, including submission of your site to directories (simply do a Google/Yahoo! search for 'free directories' and find appropriate ones to submit your site to) as well as getting other relevant sites to link to your website as a useful resource (careful not to do this via link schemes, as sites found to be using these are de-indexed by major search engines).

Login to DevHub now to use these tools. Hopefully that helps everyone with some ideas to get more traffic to your sites. Remember that it usually takes a little bit of time (couple days to a month) for Search Engines to acknolwedge the changes you've made. It may take a bit of legwork upfront, but setting your site up correctly will pay off with increased traffic to your sites in the long run!

Look out for our Weekend Update for a couple of major partnership integrations!

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