New DevHub site builder wizard

April 9, 2009

Adding and creating your next site is that much easier!

You will notice a pleasant change in DevHub when you add your next site. Some DevHeads were impressed by the number of things you can do in the editor, but once they started working on their site they didn't know where to start (how many columns, layout, customizing the colors, etc).

From this feedback we just launched our new "wizard" which will help new users, and users looking for help, create their sites.

The first steps:

  • What's the name of your site? - Enter the title of your site (i.e. Outdoor Sports Headquarters). This will be displayed as your logo text.
  • What's your site about? - Enter a few keywords about the topic of your site (i.e. Outdoor Sports). This will help our DevHub editor decide what modules work well on your site.
  • Describe in more detail what your site is about - Enter a couple sentences about the purpose of your site. This will be used as your site's about section and will be this first piece of content on your site.

Help creating your front page:

  • Select a layout template - Select one of our pre-configured page layouts (2 columns vs 3 columns). Don't worry, you can change these in the editor later.
  • Select a color palette - Start your site off by selecting from one of our color schemes. You can tweak the colors further once your in the editor under "Appearance" (Tip: notice the last two palettes, these are setup for light text on a black background)
  • What do you want on your site? - We have a lot of modules within DevHub, check the boxes next to the modules you want to include on your page to start. After you are in the editor, you can change these modules. (Tip: notice some of the modules have a $ next to them, these modules make money for your site and you)

After you are done, your site will be added. From there you can start creating more content and edit your new site.

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