IE Support New Editor Interface

June 5, 2009

You asked for it and we now have it! IE support available for IE7 & IE8!

On top of that, we upgraded the interface for editing, publishing and monetizing your sites; with Tool tips, easier drag-n-drop, and new partners!

Also, you can now see every element and piece content you add to your page (including flash videos, widgets, and affiliate codes). This makes it easier to layout your pages.

Recent bug fixes

  • Column saving issues (merging issue)
  • Bug where list of modules disappears when editing
  • Also, You can now move the module list around the page if you have a smaller screen

What are making with DevHub?

I want to show you what people are making on DevHub:

  • User 0781 $1,846.41 - Affiliate Marketer
  • User 1239 $320.29 - Media Maker (i.e. YouTube star)
  • User 2321 $72.05 - Domain Holder with a Passion for their web site

There is a big spectrum of money making opportunities with DevHub; and you know what your passionate about to make it happen. The best sites/users know the topic that they designed their website around.

If you're not sure what to do next, don't worry!

Just remember that there are dozens of features included in your site and all it takes to add them is dragging and dropping.

DevHub is built to grow with you for years to come and we look forward to working with you to grow your sites/ businesses.

Join us as we take the internet by storm! DevHub: It's NOT a job, It's a Lifestyle!

All the best,
The DevHub Team