Announcing Launch of Meebo Chat and Priceline Hotels/Airline/Car Rental Modules

September 1, 2009

DevHub's most recent partnership with Meebo
enables DevHeads to instantly drag-and-drop chat functionality on
their sites.  What a great way to create community around your
site and increase chances of repeat visitors! This is best coupled
with a CPC text ad module to the left/right of where you place
your chat module.

Via another partnership with Priceline,
travel-based sites created on DevHub now have the ability to
easily incorporate hotel, airline, and car rental offers.  The
Hotels module allows you to pull in a listing of hotels from a
specific geographic area onto your site, while the Airline/Car
Rental Module is a search based form.  Revenue from these modules
is generated when a user purchases a hotel/airline/car rental
package, and cookies are dropped into a users browser so you can
get credit from later purchases.

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