Rev-Share on DevHub

May 10, 2010

The DevHub rev share depends on the monetization channel, which reflects the current upline agreements DevHub has negotiated with each provider. Providers of ads and revenue streams require that we keep the terms of our agreements with them private. This is true of virtually all revshare networks by the way, except perhaps very simplistic ones that don't pay much attention to efficiency and "take what they are offered" rather than negotiate better terms for their publishers like we do.

In fact, we work much harder than that. We can negotiate better terms because we have proprietary systems in place to measure traffic quality and manage traffic according to quality. We show traffic quality reports to vendors, and have been told we maintain some of the highest quality scores for network-wide traffic in the industry. The more quality traffic you can bring to the DevHub network, the more you can earn via revshare. It's that simple. there is no one number for revshare across all channels, and there can't be such a number. Plus, we are bringing you even more transparency on this issue with the new DevHub dashboards and the new DevTrends blog. The more actionable information you have, the more you can improve quality and increase traffic, which leads to higher rev shares for revenues streams we can manage that way, and higher earnings for you via rev share.

We know that quality comes from you, our partner in publishing. That's why we rev share so high for quality traffic, and that's why we try and encourage each of you to build quality sites. Our new dashboard system includes actionable feedback about quality (or more specifically, higher earnings and revshares) direct to you right at the point of content creation-- in the DevHub editor. That's win win for all of us. Produce quality content, draw quality traffic, and we use it to negotiate higher rev shares which we share with you on a quality and volume basis.

Please keep in mind that any rev share system that tells you they pay a specific % of earnings as revshare is not sharing full information with you. What is that a percentage of? It can't be gross earnings, as their own costs vary considerably over time and with market fluctuations. Some providers only pay out on aggregated traffic, so how do they decide how much to give you compared to another publisher on their network? Since it is really a rev share of an undisclosed net earnings, and they don't disclose the share they took before sharing the  rest with you, it's really not transparent at all. We don't want to play those games.

Rest assured we pay our revshare based on quality and volume, according to the best negotiations we can obtain by showing off the strongest high-quality traffic network we all create and manage. If you wonder about rev share percentages, we think that signals your interest in earning more money more efficiently. We know that the best thing you can do is increase the quality of your sites and site traffic, which will earn higher rev shares and higher earnings.

So don't compare DevHub against mythical marketing numbers of so-called revenue share. Go for performance. Create quality content on quality web sites, and watch your earnings increase as we continue to deliver the highest earnings (and rev share) we can negotiate across the many monetization channels we offer in the editor. And don't forget to share!

If you discover something that works (increases quality, increases traffic) let us know and we'll share it across the network! It's win-win... the higher our network quality, the more we earn and revenue share!