Can blogging really get you out of debt?

April 5, 2011

This is a guest post from Debt Kid who starting a blog about his journey to get out of debt in 2007. He recently launched the "Get out of Debt" Blog Network to help others blog their way out of debt.

When I was really, really broke in 2007, and living in my office I had only been blogging for less than a year. But, I had a few readers and one day a reader emailed and offered to buy me a cooler so I could keep some perishables in my office. It touched me more than anything. Here was a complete stranger, offering to help me out, just out of the goodness of their heart. I declined the offer (I was intent on digging myself out), but it was much appreciated. That's just one of many positive stories I have about blogging and getting out of debt. And if you're lucky to have never been in debt, well being in debt sucks. It's like carrying around a 50-lb weight on your shoulders that even crushes you while you are sleeping. You don't sleep well, you are stressed all the time, your friends might think you are fine, but you're worried every time your phone rings that it might be a collections call. The top three reasons to start a debt blog? 1. Blog Therapy Blogging about your thoughts, financial stuggles, helps you work stuff out. Just writing down and tracking how much you owe is a huge step towards getting out of debt 2. Accountability With a written blog you can share it with others, and have them keep you accountable. You know if you buy that new iPad you shouldn't have...well, your readers will be on top of you! 3. It's Free Unlike many get out of debt programs, blogging your way out of debt is 100% free. Want to start blogging your way out of debt? Check out the "Get out of Debt" Blog Network. Good luck!