Quick note on our new payments system

October 8, 2009 By - 0 Comments

To accommodate the massive growth of our publisher network (from 375
publishers in February 2009 to over 25,000 publishers today), we have been
hard at work on finalizing our fully automated accounting and payment
system.  We are happy to announce this system is in its final stages of
testing and should be launched by October 15th.  Prior to this, the
payment process was done manually, and as the number of publishers on our
system grew beyond our means these past few months, it took a lot longer
to get payments processed and sent out to our publishers.  Once launched,
you will also be able to see account balance and payment history in your
DevHub account.

To avail of the $5 CASHOUT offer found on the front of the site, you can
receive payment on your first $5 simply by emailing CASHOUT in the subject
line to payments@devhub.com.  After this initial payment, as per our terms
[http://www.devhub.com/terms] you must submit a W-9 (US) or W-8
(International) and your account must reach a minimum balance of $100.00 by
the end of the month (carried over month to month if you do not reach this
threshold).  Also please note that this cumulative monthly balance is paid
out Net 45, meaning a check is issued forty-five (45) after the end of that
month; this allows us to make sure the traffic and activity in your account
for that month is of quality and to fully collect payments from our
monetization partners.

As always, we thank you for your patience and support as we have been
working rapidly to build a better system for our growing and vibrant
publisher network.  Keep tuned as more system upgrades and features
are coming!

Keep it creative,
- DevHub Team

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