What Is A Marketing Cloud

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Marketing Cloud Digital Experience Platform

Depending on where you are looking - a definition by Wikipedia - or a solution by Salesforce, Adobe or IBM - the general definition is: connecting marketing tools with a customers journey across digital experiences from a centralized hub. 

Against a crowded backdrop of marketing and advertising technology companies, DevHub encompasses what a modern technology stack or ‘marketing cloud’ should be - AGILE. 

“For our customers, it’s never been - here is who you have to use for email marketing, CRM, SEM campaigns, analytics and about 55 others, Mark Michael CEO of DevHub says in jest. We are simply the foundational hub or experience from which all roads lead to/ from.” 

Along with the host of related marketing tech that product managers can deploy, the last thing the PM wants is a one dimensional product. Why not utilize best of breed tech that whole companies are built on i.e. email marketing - MailChimp, ConstantContact, Outreach.io etc…or CRM (name them ;)

DevHub ensures this sense of building a marketing cloud that suits the needs of the problem you are addressing today - for the future. Building your own ‘hub’ is at the forefront of the experience. Whether that’s simple landing pages for a national brand presence campaign - later evolving into integrating a Hubspot or Hatchbuck as part of a marketing automation system - 100% possible in DevHub. Agile. Marketing. Cloud.

At the other end, DevHub powers digital/ web experience - all types - sites, landing pages, franchise sites, regional sites, spec sites, profile pages, local sites - all foundational for any marketing/ advertising play.

Learn how we work with Marketing Cloud technologies

Product Road Maps and Google

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Product Road Maps

According to Moz, Google changes its search algorithm 500+ times a year. Sustainable SEO or Web Strategy is necessary for weathering the major Google updates (remember Google Panda and Google Penguin). There are no shortcuts to getting sites found in search, only relevant results matter to Google and web surfers in general. 

The mobile web is here - web traffic being generated by smartphones/ connected devices demand speed and actionable presence. Managing scaled marketing campaigns in the thousands becomes seemingly hard if not on a experienced platform.

Earlier this year Google rolled out their Expanded Text Ads requirements moving the deadline from October of this month to now January 2017. Product Managers who control strategies and platforms need to be able to have the flexibility/ peace of mind to rapidly adapt to whatever comes their way. 

Among the many vendors pitching “sites” not one has taken the DevHub approach of working with our clients on a daily - weekly - monthly basis to ensure their product roadmap aligns with the technology. 

Essentially, product managers can build their own ‘marketing suite,’ or ‘marketing cloud,’ by either using DevHub vetted vendors or bringing their own. Product managers across different markets and continents  essentially want the same outcome - execution - on time - within budget. And sometimes being forced a full marketing cloud is literally too much product ($$$$$$$) at one time. DevHub works with you to scale - start foundationally then grow - thoughtfully. 

Be prepared for Google releases or the next mobile/vr web, or the spawn of the ‘next Facebook,’ DevHub will be here for the long haul.

A list of BIG Agencies

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OMD Worldwide
Deutsu Aegis Network
Interpublic Group
Kantar Group
Young and Rubicam
Grey Global

This a list of BIG agencies we work with, hope to work with or are in talks with. 

When thrown in a box of web experience or CMS - DevHub stands out. When a national brand represented by a big agency wants to roll out a marketing campaign targeted at the local level - at a scale of 10,000 locations in the US - there is no other choice but to build from scratch or use DevHub. Most product managers at these agencies have to get to work on building out a product road map (typically 6, 9, 12, 14 months) till launch. Yet this is the mobile web where speed is everything.

Last week at Seattle Interactive 2016  we learned that people searching will spend 50 milliseconds identifying whether they identify with the brand - now imagine not even being present for 6 seconds? Why build a solution when there is already a platform with agencies in mind - DevHub. We’ve witnessed  - unrealistic client deadlines - and push the limits of RUSH customizations. DevHub is your partner for the long haul. 

Agile Marketing Cloud Platforms

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Yesterday HPE (a cloud, server and storage company that split of HP in late 2015) announced the layoff of an undisclosed number of employees in North America - and possibly shutting down their Seattle offices.

As we onboard more brands and enterprise clients there is one thing that’s clear - an agile marketing cloud to serve the needs of the 900,000+ brands does not actually exist. At best the ‘Marketing Cloud,’ solutions being offered by the big IT/ Professional Service companies fits the 1% of national brands.  In order to cover the cost of 500 to 1000+ employees the price has to reflect the sales cycle - 9/ 12/ 14 months long putting most Marketing Cloud solutions out of reach for the 99% of national brands - enter DevHub.

DevHub is a thoughtfully robust platform that allows brands and/or agencies representing brands to start with the foundational experience and scale to CRMs, Programmatic, Marketing add-ons...more (see: Integrations).

Learn more about DevHub and building your own Marketing Cloud/ Suite.

Seattle Interactive Conference 2016

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This morning Seattle Interactive Conference #SIC16 kicked-off! Welcome to all the speakers and a special shoutout to organizers for hosting an incredible conference right here in our backyard! Awesome SIC2016 sessions! 

Seattle Interactive Conference

Technology Does Not Break Down People Break Down

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DevHub Releases

Users = People

Technology companies today tend to call the people who use their product ‘users.’ In some cases that could be true. For us its different - from today on our ‘users’ will now be called people - because that is what makes a platform great - people!

At any given time there are hundreds of people logged into DevHub at our customers offices’ who are tasked with deploying analytics, swapping out creatives, adding new landing pages...etc.

The team behind DevHub back up/ support hundreds of people in 6 countries + 7 time zones on a daily basis.

“They are an extension of our product development, innovation and support teams,” says Daniel Rust co-Founder/ CTO of DevHub.

This people powered feedback loop allows DevHub to stay on the front lines with our customers customers and create thoughtful optimizations for workflow efficiencies, usability and conversions.

“We are constantly releasing new features, enhancing security measures, and maintaining a global network of digital experiences,” explains Rust.

Since July 2009 DevHub has 16k commits and 128 releases logged in github.

With 6.3 out now - current customers can take advantage of the many proxy improvements covered here.

But the best part of running DevHub is the people - each brings a unique spin to how the platform could be even better and how the digital experience they created is utilized as part of a larger ecosystem called DevHub.


Post originally appeared on LinkedIn - Oct 18, 2016

The Mobile Web Is Already Here

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Mobile Web

At Pubcon last week Gary Illyes announced Google plans on releasing a separate mobile search index, which will eventually be the primary index. 

If you are managing sites at scale...mobile is already here, responsive a fad? and mobilegedden did not change the game (even though it probably should have). Google AMP, Google ETA are moving the needle ever faster toward mobile web. 

Being able to manage a network of sites on behalf of your customers in order to adapt to the latest web standard(s) is becoming more necessary by the day. 

Search Engine Land reported from Pubcon about Google’s mobile index - (from SearchEngineLand) for example, since the mobile index is the “primary” index, will it really not be used for any desktop queries? Will it only contain “mobile-friendly” content? How out-of-date will the desktop index be? Desktop usage is now a minority of Google queries but still generates substantial usage.

Via a DevHub - it becomes clear why so many brands and performance marketing companies are deciding on ensuring a future proof strategy by consolidating experience i.e. landing pages/ websites to one platform. One of the central aims of digital experience is to be present where the customer is searching on any device/ any where. 

As a platform that exists predominantly for all types of agencies and cloud service companies DevHub runs the gamut of digital experiences/ presence on one platform. Follow DevHub on Twitter.com/devhub

Mobile Usage numbers:

For 2017 the number of mobile phone users is forecast to reach 4.77 billion.

75 percent of Gmail users access their accounts on mobile devices. Gmail now has 900 million users. – Google / TechCrunch “I/O developers conference” 

The iPhone is the most popular platform in the mobile email space (60%) followed by Apple iPad (21%) and Google Android (18%) Litmus “Email Analytics” 

Mobile received 39% of unique clicks, with 9% from tablets and 61% from all desktop. – Experian “Quarterly Email Benchmark Study”


Statista - https://www.statista.com/statistics/274774/forecast-of-mobile-phone-users-worldwide/
Email Monday - http://www.emailmonday.com/mobile-email-usage-statistics 

This Week At DevHub HQ

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Update for the week ending October 16th, 2016.

Here is a recap of this week's notable events:

  • Current Version of DevHub: 6.3
  • Proxy Improvements - campaign enablement at scale
  • Guest post for Monkey Media Online Ordering Software
  • BLITZ week - content campaigns
  • INTERVIEW: Mark Michael and Daniel Rust
  • Partnership with Yext For Business Listing Management 
  • Google ETA, Proxy, Landing Pages Verticals and National Brand conversations

Working With Product Managers

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Product Managers and DevHub

Product Managers set the pace for the product road map - in the fast-moving internet/ mobile web marketing environment - everything is due yesterday.


"DevHub was the easiest vendor I ever brought in," says a PM at a large performance marketing agency. Her experience and tight deadline opened the opportunity for DevHub to show her and her team what we could do. Their client is looking to execute a marketing campaign of significant scale (thousands - 10,000+) aimed at the local level. 

With our robust APIs and her team's creative we were able to spin up the working prototype within 72 hours - now we test. Blending the processes of campaign prep and flexible DevHub allows product managers to simply follow up with their DevHub rep - we handle the pressure. 

We are never thrown off course by last minute customer-customer tweaks, The era of trying to do everything in house is over. Learn about DevHub 6.3 release - proxy campaigns at scale. 

Business Listing Management At Scale DevHub Partners With Yext

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Business Listing Management

As managing local locations information becomes more important for location search optimization - DevHub has partnered with Yext to provide business listing management at scale. Yext has been a player in the space for years and continues to up the ante - beacons on the way. 

3 Ways Yext Is Unique:

  • Direct relationships - Yext is one of the only syndication providers that has direct relationships
  • Control - listings across 100+ global partners, including Bing, Facebook, Yahoo and Foursquare
  • Publish Anywhere - from every device to search engines, maps, apps and directories across the globe

Getting local businesses found is one of the main drivers to increase revenue. 

Additionally, measure the lift provided by Yext through exclusive analytics for: local search results, detail on page analytics and the number of times customers click on a featured message - which helps tie revenue back to your clients' digital presence. 

Learn more about DevHub + Yext. 

Here is what you can build on DevHub...today

Mobile Sites

Responsive Sites

Manage thousands of websites on unique domains, devices, and services.

Mobile Sites

Vertical Specific

Our unique approach to content management allows you to generate unlimited sites. Great for Real estate, Service based, multi-location, franchise etc...

Mobile Sites

Landing Pages

Build, manage, and track 10 to 10,000 campaigns running different domains.

Mobile Sites

eCommerce Sites

Provide full featured eCommerce sites in seconds.

Mobile Sites

Spec Sites

Show potential and existing customers their “name in lights” for sales acceleration.

Mobile Sites

Location Sites

Manage consistent branding, SEO, and campaigns from national to regional to local levels.

Mobile Sites

Regional Sites

Add another layer of digital real estate to extend a brand’s reach and marketing spend.

Mobile Sites

Proxy and TRACE

Campaign enablement at scale and Rapidly build localized pages.

DevHub is built on a modern Technology Stack