Exciting updates coming to your dashboard (screenshot)

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Updates coming to DevHub consumer product and DevHub private label.

Printing Facebook

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Our parent company EVO Media Group is about to announce the launch of the highly anticipated product Yearly Leaf a way to print Facebook.

Small businesses need Presentation products

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Over the last couple of years, a variety of companies have launched applications that offer free web publishing.  They all imply that they are the best of the "New Era of Web Publishing," allowing the average person to build websites at no charge.  
Although the concept of free and easy web publishing is desperately needed, each company has taken a somewhat different approach to their applications.
This year we (DevHub) is launching our solution for on e-commerce, Facebook pages and mobile website's for small businesses. "This added functionality has been supplied to our private label partners for just over a year, explains Mark Michael Co-founder. Now is the time for small businesses to be empowered to control thier presentation onlin i.e. how they look across the web, mobile and off-line."

For more information Join DevHub. Or you can reach us at info (at) devhub dot com.

Please show your support for DevHub today by voting for us on the Chase Mission:Small Business website

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The June 30th deadline is fast approaching and we need just 250 votes to qualify. To

vote for DevHub:


1. Go to www.missionsmallbusiness.com

2: Click the Blue "Log In and Support" Button using your Facebook Account. (Lower Right)


You will be presented with another log in button.

3. Click the Blue "Log In with Facebook" button.


You will be logged in to the Mission small business portal.


4: Find the SEARCH box lower left of the page and Search for DevHub.


5: Click the Blue "Vote" Button. (Lower Right)

DevHub Offers SMB’s Easy Ecommerce Solution

June 18, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

At DevHub, we take our customer’s experience and transaction security seriously.
And keeping that in mind while we put the finishing touches on our new e-commerce product for small to medium businesses is how we’ll out-perform our competitors.

DevHub e-commerce is targeted at users who want to sell a basic inventory of 1-24 products online without the hassles they can experience setting up the typical e-commerce store. We deliberately focused on making the process simple and fun so that entry into the online commerce business was easy for anyone.

An additional feature that simplifies the set-up process and adds extra security is the ability to share a SSL checkout page. This eliminates the expense of purchasing an individual certificate and offers our customers instant online integrity.

Beta Test DevHub’s New Theme Builder Tool

June 15, 2012 By DevHub - 0 Comments

Participate in bringing a great new product to the online market!

We are looking for individuals with web development skills to be beta testers of our new advanced theme builder tool. This product will offer our customers the ability to customize the HTML and CSS of their existing site or build a new theme from scratch inside the DevHub editor.

Contact us at info (at) devhub dot com and we’ll send you all the details!

Looking to the future with Yellow Magic/ DevHub

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"Yellow Magic Inc and DevHub announce partnership to Market award winning web presence solution platform for directory publisher and SME's."

Yellow Magic chose to sync up their efforts and their Yellow Magic Business System with a solution from DevHub, backed by the EVO Media Group, based in Seattle, WA and Silicon Valley, CA.  “DevHub is proven at scale, built to manage a large client base and is friendly with our clients existing systems. It’s a very capable site creation platform and web presence solution that answers a Directory Publishers’ need to bring additional value to their existing service offerings by bundling in a suite of proven web products.

more info on our online presence solutions with Yellow Magic and our partnership click here

Build a Yogurt Website

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As summer hits and you are feeling the entrepreneurial mercury rise, why not open a yogurt stand. If you take this advice think about DevHub to build a website for my yogurt business.

DevHub at BigDoor's offices...for TechCafe

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Build Friendships while Building Websites

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With everything going social today, why hasn't site building or blogging?  Unless you're a large operation like the TechCrunch's and HuffingtonPost's of the world, creating a blog or website is still largely constrained to a solitary endeavor due to the limitations of current blog/site platforms today.  DevHub.com is aiming to finally change the game for the smaller bloggers out there by offering them social blogging and website building tools.

With DevHub's "Build a Site with a Friend"' option, multiple DevHub users can easily collaborate to build a blog, a small business site, or an affiliate product store.  So why create a site with a friend? Say that two friends want to start a fashion blog focused around designer purses. After signing up for a free blog on DevHub.com, they can choose the “Build a Site with a Friend” option and both share equal editing power in each of their accounts. With two site contributors on one concentrated effort, that site has more of a chance of being built up, maintained, and successful (it's like having a gym partner).  In addition to the ability to collaborate on site building efforts, DevHub takes care of the revenue split for money made on the site, so money is never a sore subject.

The result:
-Friends share common in a common goal
-Double the creative input is provided
-Automatic revenue distribution via action tracking

In addition to DevHub being a social site building platform, it also has fun elements and game mechanics integrated (see 'gamification') to keep users motivated.  Users who build a site actually see it grow as a building in their online empire.  Points and coins are attached to site building actions, with coins redeemable for site upgrades in DevHub's marketplace.  Users are updated once a week via the DevHub Weekly Times, which is personalized news about how their sites are doing.  

All in all, DevHub gives its users a fun, fulfilling experience while users build their sites and their friendships.