19 Reasons You Need a DevHub

December 14, 2016


DevHub - pronounced: [dev-huhb] - is a multi-dimensional web experience platform from which marketing and advertising technologies intersect (see: integrations).

Our goal is to put more control in the hands of product, digital marketing and brand managers to execute performance marketing at scale. Managers who use DevHub, essentially get to build their own marketing cloud with the website as the foundational core.

Here are the ways managers use DevHub everyday:

  1. Google Accelerated Mobile Pages
  2. Landing Pages (lots of landing pages)
  3. Creating Localized Sites, Regional Sites
  4. Setting Permissions Across 10s, 100s, thousands of Site Operators
  5. Future Proof Product Strategy related to Web Experience
  6. Google Expanded Text Ads
  7. Creating Unique Multi-Store Sites via one platform
  8. Integrating Marketing technologies with Websites as the foundational hub
  9. Increasing Production Efficiency for deploying sites
  10. Central repository for Source of Truth location data
  11. Deploying SSL across 10s, 100s, thousands of sites/ landing pages/ proxy
  12. API Access to automate redundant tasks
  13. Flexible Environment for Testing Web experience
  14. Building Your Own Marketing Cloud based on a website/ landing page
  15. Unlocking Your Product’s true value
  16. You’ve Searched for: digital experience/ web experience/ presence platform
  17. Demand Strict Up-times
  18. You Believe Websites are more than websites i.e. Schema Based Search
  19. Looking for a long term partnership/ friendship - not just a technology