This Week at DevHub HQ

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A recap of the week ending February 26, 2017.

Here are the notable events from the week:

Weekend Update: GeekWire 200

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It's been a busy a week at DevHub and almost missed the latest update from the GeekWire 200. DevHub made the cut for February 2017. Thank you GeekWire

GeekWire 200 DevHub

PRESS RELEASE: The Business of Websites

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Seattle based DevHub carves out a business - licensing it’s web experience platform to companies building more than 200+ sites and business is booming.

“Websites,” are splattered across super bowl ads to our daily conversations from GoDaddy to Squarespace and it is not stopping. Small businesses, blogs, news sites etc are connected to the web and therefore their customers via websites. Yet, many (businesses) are still not online or not up to the current mobile standards that consumers are using to connect with them. 

“We knew we would not compete with the direct to business type website aka build your own, so we started licensing to the companies who build whole experiences for big brands,” explains Mark Michael CEO/ co-Founder. 

Web experiences is a fancy way of saying more than 2 websites Mark shared. From pizza chains to car dealerships to financial institutions. DevHub powers more than 50 instances (uses of their platform) across the world, in 5 languages and in 6 countries. 

“You're not using DevHub to build one site you're using DevHub to build a collection of websites, Daniel Rust CTO/ co-Founder said. With that control the use cases are endless, think about it. From profile pages for real estate agents to location sites for franchises to multiple sites for multi location brands - as an example - . MAACO, Jiffy Lube, Baskin Robbins etc.”

Complete Your Product

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DevHub APIs

We have covered many of the use cases of DevHub on this blog. But there is a unique sub set of our customer base that use DevHub through our APIs to generate a component of their final product.

A couple Martech and Adtech companies use DevHub to generate landing pages as part of their overall product.

Example - an email marketing company who along side of their email templates generates a accompanying landing page to drive the newsletter traffic too - so they can report back the entire attribution of form fills, click to call etc - versus sending the traffic to website they do not control.

Or...the performance marketing company that generates calls yet uses DevHub's landing pages to auto build sites with the correct call tracking numbers - again controlling the full funnel. 

And the display ad company that generates IAB standard ads and purchases traffic but also offers the ability to create a landing page based off the display assets to drive traffic to.

DevHub is not the typical sites builder or CMS - its web experience built on robust APIs to deliver unique engagements across a wider set of variables.

Learn how DevHub can be used for your organization/ use case.


DevHub Clients Are Awesome

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DevHub Agile Marketing Cloud

DevHub is typically brought into a company through a product, marketing or brand manager (even sometimes technical sales too). These managers have a problem - how to solves for multiple websites or landing pages - safely, easily and FAST. Over the course of the last year we have seen some very exciting use cases of DevHub - from:

All completed within DevHub.

These managers are progressive, forward thinking and truly engaged with the right web experience strategy for their own customers. 

Learn how DevHub is your partner for the long haul.

Mobile Web

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Mobile Web
According to Geo Marketing via an eMarketer Report - Consumers are spending more and more time on mobile -- and less time on everything else. 

Here is an excerpt - 

Consumer time spent on mobile is increasing while time spent with all other media is decreasing, according to research from eMarketer — further reflecting the need for marketers to prioritize mobile as the “first screen” that it has truly become.

For more information read the eMarketer report


Is your Web Experience ready to keep up? Are you managing tens, hundreds or thousands of sites? Let us help - DevHub

Brand Compliance via Super Network of Sites or Landing Pages

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Brand Compliance at Scale DevHub

The scary part of launching 10s, 100s or 1000s of landing pages/ sites is CONTROL. With DevHub, managers know they have global control and can assign permissions on a granular level. The most successful uses of DevHub at scale allow for individual sites and landing pages to rest on their own unique URLs which is key in maintaining sustainable SEO and keeping up with web standards i.e. Google ETA, mobile web compliance, SSL...+more.

From hospitality companies to auto dealerships to healthcare and everything in-between, the ability to publish en-masse and maintain a unique super network of sites is real with DevHub. No longer do concerns about brand compliant images, templates, content, offers matter when using DevHub.

Whether managers are looking for distributed marketing pages, co-op landing pages, co-branded marketing or vendor landing pages - each can be build to the exacting standards of the brand and spread across 100s of sites.

Learn more about DevHub.

DevHub Business Review As of February 2017

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DevHub Review

This Week at DevHub HQ

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A recap of the week ending February 19, 2017. 

Here is the notable events from the past week:

Weekend Update

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This weekend the DevHub team on-boarded new customer(s) who use DevHub for Auto focused websites w/ an inventory feed integration. 


Web Experience You Control - at Scale

Mobile Sites

Responsive Sites

Manage thousands of websites on unique domains, devices, and services.

Mobile Sites

Vertical Specific

Our unique approach to content management allows you to generate unlimited sites. Great for Real estate, Service based, multi-location, franchise etc...

Mobile Sites

Landing Pages

Build, manage, and track 10 to 10,000 campaigns running different domains.

Mobile Sites

eCommerce Sites

Provide full featured eCommerce sites in seconds.

Mobile Sites

Spec Sites

Show potential and existing customers their “name in lights” for sales acceleration.

Mobile Sites

Location Sites

Manage consistent branding, SEO, and campaigns from national to regional to local levels.

Mobile Sites

Regional Sites

Add another layer of digital real estate to extend a brand’s reach and marketing spend.

Mobile Sites

Proxy and TRACE

Campaign enablement at scale and Rapidly build localized pages.

DevHub is built on a modern Technology Stack