Global management of localized web experience

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DevHub Web Experience

Why is managing a brand’s local experience (offer) so important? Because visitors from the web convert! And if the correct offer does not display at the appropriate time/ location - chances are the brand lost that prospective customer forever. Managing one landing page is easy if that is your sole responsibility - but how about 300 or 1000 unique offers based on geographies or time period? Before DevHub, product/ brand managers had to use one variation of a promotion using simple landing page creation tools not designed for scale.

With DevHub - utilizing macros can streamline redundant tasks and create unique engagements and content across 10s of 100s of sites.

  • Customize forms with specific calls to action based on: name, location, phone # + more
  • Updating dynamic values for meta tags
  • Build call to action content
  • Ability to create custom macros for brands/ industry specific fields

Below is a snapshot of Macros that can be used within any content of the site/landing page (text, page titles, meta tags, etc)

DevHub Sample Macros Web Experience

Brands looking for a competitive advantage need to look no further to deploy scaled go-to-market strategies - and their agencies will love DevHub for the same reason. In the end the goal is to better serve the consumer search and give consumers what they are looking for in the moment they are looking for it - whether in a specific geography or looking for a unique product - FAST.

This Week at DevHub HQ

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Update for the week ending January 22, 2017.

Here is a recap of the week's notable events:

Weekend Update: Board of Advisor's Kick-off

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Update from this weekend at DevHub HQ. On Thursday we kicked-off the first Board of Advisors meeting with 21 thought leaders, customers and analysts from around the world. 

The first meeting was conducted via conference call led by DevHub BOA Chairman (as pictured here). 

Learn more about DevHub (in pictures here) on Instagram.

One to Many, Creating Uniqueness

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In creating unique campaigns there is a easy way in DevHub to scale one to many - utilizing master templates and macros. You/ or your team can build brand compliant landing pages once - and syndicate the unique vendor/ offer to the appropriate physical location or website.

Terminology of Web Experience

DevHub Terminology of Web Experience


Branded Distributor Pages and the Flow of Co-Op Dollars

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Marketing a brand’s products takes considerable amount of time and money. Funneling consumers to the right offer with fast changing deals and more appealing engagement is the name of the game - enter DevHub. More marketing managers are tasked with creating 10s, 100s, 1000s of awareness campaigns through landing pages tied to a specific distributor/ location (online/offline) - for consumers to redeem the offer. Creating these sites is easy with DevHub.

Recently a DevHub customer created ‘branded co-op pages,’ for a product to be co-branded and funneled to specific distributors websites/ physical locations. HELL YA that is what we do everyday - scaled web experience. By utilizing macros in DevHub managers can streamline redundant tasks and create unique engagements and content across 10s of 100s of sites. Some of the ways to use marcos:

  • Customize forms with specific calls to action based on: name, location, phone # + more
  • Updating dynamic values for meta tags
  • Build call to action content
  • Ability to create custom macros for brands/ industry specific fields

As brands look for a competitive advantage and their agencies deploy scaled go-to-market strategies - the better served the consumer is. The goal is give consumers what they are looking for - in the moment they are looking for it - tailored to their specific search - whether geography or product - FAST.

To learn more about creating co-op pages or branded co-op pages contact your DevHub Advisor.

Bet On The Team, Not The Platform

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When evaluating potential web platforms, product managers typically take either the Gartner recommendations via Magic Quadrant ‘analysis’ or refer to counterparts who have had experience with particular platforms. Some PMs will choose a web platform based on a referral versus actually checking references or talking with senior execs at the platform company. But knowing what we know the best approach is really getting to know the team behind the platform company. Sure, you would want all the features in the world but wouldn’t you also want to know that the web platform you are considering is also not trying to be acquired on the side? Or that they have a thoughtfully robust product roadmap which could align with your future roadmap?

These conversations prove to be most effective in giving product managers confidence in their choosing of a partner for the long haul. And no Gartner Magic Quadrant can guarantee that level certainty.

The importance of the team is just one aspect in evaluating a web platform provider, but from this starting point product managers gain significant insights influencing their own product decisions. Looking back at the deals DevHub has won, the product managers that were most powerful got to know more about the team behind DevHub and placed their bet wisely.

Learn how DevHub works to execute on your product road map

GeekWire 200 January 2017

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DevHub was informed that we jumped 12+ spots in GeekWire 200's ranking index of Pacific Northwest startups.

We have increased our client base and our consultants and advisors to include name brand companies and talented individuals. 2017's forecast looks promising as Google continues to make changes and managing web experience/ presence at scale is more necessary than ever - especially for brands and their agencies.


Call Extensions via Google

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Another day another change with Google. Now if you are managing 1 website/ 1 location/ 1 of anything these changes are fairly simple. But, if your managing 10s, 100s, 1000s these changes from Google become daunting. 

Starting January 19th, Google AdWords will show a business location and calls will be directed to the phone number associated with that business location - even if a different phone number is used in your call extension.

More information on Google Call Extensions

This should serve as a reminder for people that Google is making changes more quickly and managing these at scale is easy with DevHub.

Site Refresh

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Explaining what DevHub is good at - is easy; once we know the use case. The idea that one platform (beginning with experience: sites) is flexible enough to handle additional layers of marketing technologies is becoming the standard. At DevHub we work hard everyday for our customers. As a manager you are not only licensing DevHub you are inheriting a team that is as passionate about your project execution/ success as you are.

The other day we had an Amazon product manager through our offices. We explained and showed all the use cases we have solved for, besides being wildly impressed we asked, “How would you explain what we do simply?” the response: one-to-many or many-to-one. Today we refreshed the home page.

Not for everyone, just the CEO of Product

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I recently Googled “Product Manager,” and saw as part of the definition ‘CEO of product,’ - that sounded exactly right to me. Companies have long known that product managers drive much of the strategy for product development, servicing and sourcing. But in performance marketing companies the role of the PM is changing rapidly to include more responsibility including building, maintaining and executing on overall company strategy.

Some say that this increase in responsibility also influences the PM’s decision making process. And with ever increasing deadlines - the go to platform for experience is DevHub.

Learn more about how DevHub enables product managers and their teams execute efficiently at scale.

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