Looking for timelines/ estimates

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Looking to launch 3 - 300+ lead generation landing pages

You've been using bespoke platforms like LiveBall, Unbounce, Leadpages - BUT you are looking for a more efficient, cost effective way to scale - enter DevHub.

You want your templates to dynamically generate data fields for:

CTN/Phone number
Services Provided
Location name/address
Office Hours

Finally, pages can go live on Unique URLs and be A/B tested.

You found the right DevHub - Performance Marketing - let's talk

SEO Needs for New Websites - Completed with DevHub

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SEO checklist DevHub
Below is a checklist of standard SEO deployments recommended to our customers -- 



-          Redirect from non www to www version of website

-          Redirects from any old URL’s that are no longer being used to the new URL for that page

-          Only use 301 redirects (not 302 or others)

-          URL’s ideally would be kept the same. For creating new URL’s: simple, include keywords, and use only hyphens (not underscores)


-          Site should have a blog that is at domain.com/blog (“news” instead of “blog” would be fine if client prefers that) and

-          All posts should be have the URL structure /blog/post-name

Content Related

-          Ability to add in custom meta data (title tags and meta descriptions)

-          Don’t use meta keywords

-          Headings: should have only one h1 tagged heading on each page then h2’s should be used for subheadings (can use h3, h4 if necessary but never skip a number)

-          Canonical tags on each page

Misc – Priority Order

-          Robots file that disallows only a few unnecessary pages

-          XML sitemap dynamically updates (plugin fine)

-          Load time – the faster the better! We usually recommend less than 3 seconds

-          Mobile friendly design

-          Keep existing scripts: Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Search Console, etc

-          Custom 404 error page and errors should cause a strict 404 error (not soft)

-          No broken links (to internal or external pages)

-          Include social media links on each page (generally in the footer)

-          Favicon


-          Content should be relevant to what they do and the keywords they want to rank for

-          Word count should be at least 300 words per page, generally the more the better

-          No duplicate content should be used (word for word content on other sites)

-          Add in alt text for every picture that is a mix of keywords and a description of the picture

-          Call to action should be clear, bold, and consistent throughout the website 

This Week at DevHub HQ

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Recap of the week ending April 23, 2017.

Here are the notable events from the past week:

Quick Site Refresh Headed Into the Weekend

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We added two new sections to the DevHub site Performance Marketing and Location Marketing - both are powered by the same Web Experience Platform - DevHub.

Web Experience Platform

When are companies going to migrate from legacy CMS platforms?

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Web Experience Platform
Everyday we talk with companies who either 1) built their own CMS platform in 08/ 09 or 2) are using a bespoke version of Wordpress/ Multi-site.

To-date we have migrated hundreds of thousands of sites from legacy platforms.

“We recognized early on that the enterprise demands and CMS demands were out of sync,” shared Mark Michael CEO/ co-Founder DevHub.

For one, web standards are changing so fast that managing anytype of scale becomes a nightmare. For example in 2014/15 having a responsive website was #1. Today, SSL ...tomorrow ADA compliance? How would a legacy CMS platform manage those types of rollouts without incurring ridiculous production costs?

Enterprises need a dynamic CMS that is priced to scale as quickly as their customers demand without worrying about downtimes or the next Google update.

If you are using a legacy CMS like WebsPlanet, Mono Solutions or have a home grown solution - let’s talk. Re-Platforming / Migrations are easy with DevHub and typically have no upfront cost.

Proxy Resources and Guides Proxy Technology

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A couple resources and guides related to our Proxy technology -

  1. 3 Common Ways Leads are Lost with Proxy
  2. Adding a Proxy (Proxy Configuration Options User Guide)
  3. Domain Options for Proxy
  4. Example Proxy Fields (for Automated Migration)
  5. Scaling SSL Certificates

PRESS RELEASE: DevHub Identified as the Go To Web Experience Platform for Performance Marketing Agencies and Brands

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4/18/2017 (Seattle, Washington USA) - DevHub is a Web Experience Platform – brands and performance marketing agencies use DevHub to streamline deployment of sites as part of larger marketing strategy. This is achieved cost effectively- through robust APIs and cloud hosted infrastructure. 

DevHub offers an arsenal of unique tools to enterprises that are managing a high volume of template-driven sites. Companies go to market faster while ensuring conversions, security, brand compliance and web standards are consistent across the web experience.

By focusing on this specific set of challenges, the DevHub platform simplifies the administrative buy off process with simple contracts. Deploying much more rapidly (<30 days) and more cost-effectively than conventional CMS providers. This is DevHub. 

Unlike large CMS providers, DevHub provides custom services that make it nimbler when addressing the needs of this segment of the market. Through their APIs they can co-exist with other providers supporting analytics, advertising, and CRM and other third-party services critical to both site and campaign performance -see Integrations: https://www.devhub.com/integrations/ 

A core strength of DevHub is its segment expertise. As companies continue to develop multi-channel marketing initiatives, the demand to service a high volume of sites will continue to grow. They will face challenges with maintaining those sites in a cost-effective fashion without the single-source publishing and administrative capacity of a DevHub.

The total cost of ownership for DevHub when addressing this specific challenge is likely to be a fraction of what one would expect when considering an alternative provider. DevHub typically bundles on-boarding services/ migrations, reducing implementation time and the need for the customer to develop a high-degree of product-level expertise when compared to conventional CMS options. This flexibility and responsiveness lets the customer focus less on the "building" or implementation and plan instead for the lower cost of basic maintenance.

DevHub's market sweet spot is the "Scaled Landing Pages for Full Funnel Attribution" or "co-op marketing" or "franchised" organizations leveraging a multi-channel digital marketing strategy. Business within this sector are performance driven so conversion accountability is critical to securing budgets. The mid-tier segment of this market has a unique set of demands (high site volumes, limited IT resources, limited budgets, short execution cycles) that DevHub addresses better than the alternative CMS systems.

Static Backup Options for Downtime Mitigation

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Performance Marketing DevHub

Performance Marketing
companies demand redundancy in their Service Level Agreements/ Commitments from DevHub. Here is how we addressed this with one client based on experiences from others as it relates to DevHub's Proxy Technology

Above is a diagram that outlines how we could setup a system to make backup copies of each Proxy that would be configured to just auto-redirect to the source domain.

We have done this previously for a partner of ours using our Website Tools, but we could adapt it to handle the Proxies/Redirects.

It has two parts that can be leveraged.

1) Local Copies: We setup our systems to make backups of each active Proxy (redirects) and store those on a non-production server on our side.

If there is a Server/Outage within Rackspace that is affecting our Dynamic Proxy technology (database issues, storage issues, etc), we can flip the traffic over to the Static Copies until the issue is resolved. This option can be used to mitigate downtime as long as Rackspace itself and its load balancers are still available (i.e. non-Brownout, non-disaster situation).

2) Remote Copies: We can also have the system Send copies of each Proxy to a remote datacenter controlled by CLIENTNAME outside the Rackspace environment (AWS, etc).

In the event of a major outage at Rackspace, and to switch Domains over to these remote copies, you would need to leverage a DNS Provider that would allow you quickly switch all Proxy domains to point to the Remote Server at once. Options our partners have used in the Past are Self-Hosted DNS or through an API-based provider like DYN.com.

The DNS records would be configured with a TTL (time to live) that would allow for you to have a maximum downtime (i.e. 1 hour) as the DNS change you make is propagating across the Internet.

This Week at DevHub HQ

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Recap of the week ending April 16, 2017.

Here are the notable events from the past week:

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