3 Common Ways that Leads are Lost with Proxy Technology

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*This post is published on LinkedIn via Daniel Rust CTO/ co-Founder of EVO makers of DevHub - Web Experience Platform

There are many ways that marketing companies describe the concept of losing track of a visitor after they have payed for them to visit a Landing Page or Proxy Site.

"Breaking Proxy", "Lead Leakage", "Losing Attribution", etc

The purpose of creating a Proxy is so you can drive inbound traffic to a copy of a customer's existing website, but be able to track all leads that are generated within that campaign via Call Tracking and Form Fill capture.

But if a Visitor to the Proxy clicks on any link that takes them outside the Proxy, you immediately lose the ability to track what they do after that. This could be any sort of link (Instagram, a Press Article, or linking to their Yelp Profile). You can't reasonably stop the Visitor from visiting these links without affecting their User Experience.

But there are cases where you want to make sure you have a deep enough "net" or “gates” in place to keep the Visitor tracked as much as possible during their Session.

The DevHub Proxy platform gives you full flexibility to decide what paths you want the Visitor to take.

We will start with a simple Proxy of a customer website

Customer’s Original Domain: http://www.spalotus.com Our Proxy Domain: http://www.spalotus.co

1) Mobile Sites/Subdomains

The most common issue that can cause a lost Visitor is a dedicated Mobile Site. Since the redirect to the mobile site only happens on a Mobile device, it is easy to miss this during QA, leading to 50% or more loss in tracked visits.

[Visitor Clicks to www.spalotus.co on their iPhone, and they are immediately redirected to m.spalotus.com based on device detection within their Site, breaking Proxy]

Since this mobile site most likely contains the same Phone Numbers, etc that you want to replace and track, we suggest that you always Proxy the mobile subdomain if it is present on the customer's Site.

Example Config to keep that Visitor Source Domain: http://m.spalotus.com Our Domain: http://m.spalotus.co

Optimal User Flow:

“Mobile Visit on iPhone” www.spalotus.co
Redirected to Mobile m.spalotus.co
“Contact Us” m.spalotus.co/contact-us/

2) Other Subdomains (Ecommerce Stores, Support Panels, etc)

As businesses leverage more and more services to support their Web Presence, they can have multiple URLs/Subdomains to support this. You can optionally Proxy these URLs as well to insure that you maintaining the visitors as they browse back and forth between these Sub-Sites and their main site.


A Shopify Store - i.e. https://store.spalotus.com/
A Zendesk Support Page - i.e. http://support.spalotus.com/

[Visitor Clicks to www.spalotus.co on their Desktop from a Google Campaign, and they click on the "Store" tab and they leave the proxy to https://store.spalotus.com]

Example Config to keep that Visitor Source Domain: https://store.spalotus.com Our Domain: https://store.spalotus.co

Optimal User Flow:

Clicks "Visit our Store" store.spalotus.co/shop/
"Best Yoga Mat" store.spalotus.co/shop/best-yoga-mat/
Clicks "Contact Us" www.spalotus.co/contact-us/
"I saw in your store that you have Blue Yoga mats, do you have any Pink Yoga mats?"

3) 3rd Party Widgets and Services

In addition to subdomains that are extensions to their main Site, many businesses are now leveraging various Widgets and Services that they place within their main Site to add valuable tools to enhance their Customer's experience.


"Join My Mailing List" widget powered by MailChimp
"Contact Us Today" form powered by Wufoo Forms

[Visitor Clicks to www.spalotus.co and is interested in learning more about the business so they click on "Contact Us". On that page is a Contact Form powered by Wufoo. They fill out and submit the form, but that form sends the Visitor towufoo.com and then redirects them back to a thank you page on the Customer's original site www.spalotus.com/thank-you/]

The DevHub proxy technology can intercept these complex redirections to keep the Visitor contained as they bounce between the various URLs and keeping this seamless for the Visitor as they navigate the Site.

Example Config to keep that Visitor Source Domain: https://www.wufoo.com Our Domain: https://wufoo.spalotus.co

Optimal User Flow:

"Contact Us" www.spalotus.co/contact-us/
"Submit Form" wufoo.spalotus.co/process-form...
"Thank You For Contacting Us, feel free to call "206-XXX-XXXX" if you have any questions" www.spalotus.co/thank-you/

Q/A - Corporate + Franchise model (Push/ Pull)

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multi websites from franchises
In a new series called Push/ Pull of Franchise/ Franchisee we answer the most popular questions from brand managers.

Q: When does a platform migration make sense for your Franchise brand? –
A: We see more franchises convert to DevHub at about 5 locations. From corporate wanting more control over brand standards to Franchisees wanting flexibility of updating their own local website.

Q: How Important Are Store Locators?
A: Very! However there should be almost no cost in setting one up! From keeping data sync’d across local stores and apps the store locator can serve as the “source of truth” for the franchise.

Q: Does managing multiple sites on a traditional CMS make sense?
A: No - traditional CMS platforms were built to manage 1 type of site very well. Managing more than 1 becomes cumbersome for the legacy CMS platforms.

Q: How easy is it to deploy 200+ sites on DevHub?

A: 1 week. Seriously. We have several unique technologies from migration tech to our TRACE technology to take a brand local within 1 week - assuming you can get the buy off that quick.

January and February Highlights, Review

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This Week at DevHub HQ

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Recap of the week ending March 26, 2017.

Here are the notable events from the past week:

Two of DevHub's Sweet Spots 1) Franchises 2) Co-op Marketing
Keeping up with Web Standards
30+ Days of Changelogs
Modern Marketers Workshop
Google AMP update(s)
Improvements to Proxy Technology
DevHub Site Refresh

Weekend Update

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DevHub.com was refreshed to include industry specific work. This section did not make the final cut for the website - "Who We Work For," but wanted to share via our blog.

Who We Work For

Continuous Improvement to Proxy technology

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Proxy Technology Marketing

If you are looking up proxy technology, either A) your company’s legacy platform just gave out or is about to or B) you realized there is no way to re-create or efficiently re-tool in the amount of time needed to have a viable solution. In either case, DevHub has consistently updated our proxy technology for internal use and for customers of the platform. Here is a brief rundown of all we’ve done so far with proxy:

Proxy Functions

Account provisioning

Deploying SSL at Scale

Analytics Reporting

Adding/ Disabling proxies

Sandbox environment for testing

Bulk update URLs


New proxy filters for GA tracking code

Proxy support for custom 404 pages

Proxy serving now using cache pointers

Support for base_directory Proxy and Domain Alias sites

Proxy domain field validation

Initial frontend and endpoints for managing Proxy

Combined resource (site, proxy, aliases) url check endpoint

Proxy parsing improvements

Added partner_proxy_id field to Proxy

New "proxy-theme" rendering mode for Themes

URL validation disabled on Proxy URLs

Auto-redirect between www and non-www proxy full domain urls

Automate domain registration

Active products setting (i.e. only proxy enabled) to optimize queries in other datacenters

Hide distracting navigation elements to tighten the conversion funnel

Prorating support with site/alias/proxy activation/deactivation logging


Platform Agnostic - DevHub Proxy is able to proxy from any site, regardless of how it was developed.

Minimal IT Support - DevHub hosts all proxied sites on your behalf, eliminating the need for additional spend on IT infrastructure.  

Temporary - DevHub Proxy uses the latest web search best practices to ensure sites are not indexed by search engines.

Write your own optimized copy and call to actions

Add any of DevHub's modules or integrations to pages

And of course.. track every interaction the visitor does to get the full view of how the campaign is performing

“In the last 2.3 years we made 170 - 180 ish improvements in our proxy technology and every week we are deploying new 5 - 10 enhancements!” Daniel Rust CTO/ co-Founder

Update on Google AMP

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Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) has been covered by us - here, here, here

There are several reports that keeping up the the AMP standard has increased traffic to AMP specific pages/ sites. Is AMP necessary for a franchise organization? Or is it primarily for news organizations/ content heavy site?

So far only two franchises that we power have asked DevHub to provide AMP powered pages for their organization - both happen to be service based franchises (disaster recovery/ plumbing specialists).

We are monitoring Google AMP performance on behalf of our customers.      

The Modern Marketer's Workshop

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ABM Modern Marketers Workshop

We recently received word about an action packed workshop ...

The upcoming ABM workshop : From Strategy to Action and Results! Is worth checking out. They are going to pack three days of content into a live, interactive workshop complete with practical tool, templates, best practices and more.

From the invite:

According to Sirius Decisions, more than 90 percent of B2B marketers acknowledge that account-based marketing is important. But what does that really mean? And how are organizations putting ABM into practice successfully?

How would you launch and drive revenue results from an ABM program at your company? And how do you optimize and measure campaigns already in progress?  

According to Sirius Decisions, more than 90 percent of B2B marketers acknowledge that account-based marketing is important. But what does that really mean? And how are organizations putting ABM into practice successfully?

How would you launch and drive revenue results from an ABM program at your company? And how do you optimize and measure campaigns already in progress?  

For more information visit: http://soce.do/Xh3R7 and tell them DevHub sent you! 

Changelogs for past 30 Days

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Late January 2017


Full Proxy overhaul
Facebook Page App for FB landing pages
JSON schema tags
Adobe analytics adaptor


Auto module updates
Added linking to carousel module and master theme carousel
Default preview suffix is no longer hard-coded. It is now loaded from settings.DEFAULT_PREVIEW_SUFFIX
Site detail and oauth query optimizations
Added social URL macros
Auto disabling domain aliases when Sites are disabled
Added master theme controls for coupon background color
Added blog and auto module sitemaps
Slightly updated robots.txt logic
Blog module optimizations to remove queries grabbing all posts
Updated the email sending to strip the message-id

Bugs/fixes - 8 

February 2017


Textarea rows option added to Form Builder
Added lead_message field for Form Builder to add text above each contact form lead within emails
Favicon whitelabel settings
Sitemap index option for multi-directory depth white labels
Phone and Digit field types for Form Builder
Initial Proxy monitoring UI


Proxy enhancements
Ability to view proxies on the preview urls
Match type added as option when setting image replacement paths on Proxies
Proxy frontend now allows IP-based URLs as the source domain
New shipping calculation library (shippo)
New link validator that handles local paths and URLs
Shop now support base directory sites
Spam filtering now enabled by default

Bugs/fixes - 4

DevHub helps companies keep up with latest web standards

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ADA compliant websites are becoming the latest web standard brands and their web platforms are needing to keep up with. Managing one website to meet the standards is fairly easy assuming you can get a hold of your web developer and make the necessary changes. But if you are managing 100s if not 1000s how would you comply?

Under the nondiscrimination requirements of Title III of ADA - any business that is not a provide club need to comply. Websites should make sure all those with disabilities of sight, hearing of mobility have access to all sections of your website.

Some of the requirements are:

  • Resizable Text with a high contrast mode
  • Photos need to have text descriptions
  • Videos should have transcripts

Here is a notice from the US Department of Justice dated April 29, 2016 -- Statement Regarding Rulemaking on Accessibility of Web Information and Services of State and Local Government Entities.

Furthermore the American Bar Association lays out a detailed four point view of Title III of the ADA.
Companies utilizing DevHub as their web experience platform need not to worry - as making websites ADA compliant across their entire reach is easy enough.

Web Experience You Control - at Scale

Mobile Sites

Responsive Sites

Manage thousands of websites on unique domains, devices, and services.

Mobile Sites

Vertical Specific

Our unique approach to content management allows you to generate unlimited sites. Great for Real estate, Service based, multi-location, franchise etc...

Mobile Sites

Landing Pages

Build, manage, and track 10 to 10,000 campaigns running different domains.

Mobile Sites

eCommerce Sites

Provide full featured eCommerce sites in seconds.

Mobile Sites

Spec Sites

Show potential and existing customers their “name in lights” for sales acceleration.

Mobile Sites

Location Sites

Manage consistent branding, SEO, and campaigns from national to regional to local levels.

Mobile Sites

Regional Sites

Add another layer of digital real estate to extend a brand’s reach and marketing spend.

Mobile Sites

Proxy and TRACE

Campaign enablement at scale and Rapidly build localized pages.

DevHub is built on a modern Technology Stack