Digital Marketing Agency PointIt and DevHub

September 9, 2016

Digital Marketing Point It and DevHub

DevHub typically does work for digital marketing companies and agencies. With a couple of our recent wins working with national brands; we want partner(s) agencies who we could refer our customers to. A digital agency who specializes in paid search, seo, programmatic ad buying, and social media advertising, can now be met; enter Point It Digital Marketing. Point It is a thriving digital marketing agency based in Seattle, WA.

DevHub will partner with more digital marketing companies not just for providing our platform but also extending DevHub's value proposition through paid campaigns.

3 ways Point It Digital Marketing is unique:

  • Award Winning – they are recognized by the industry for their work with Fortune 500 clients and for their quick growth as a company.
  • Experience – they are primarily focused on three elements that help clients get results: transparency, partnership and expertise with clients like Microsoft, AT&T and Amazon
  • Omni-Channel – they offer clients a unique 10,000 foot perspective that gives clients a leg up, across channel and vertical.

DevHub will start referring our national brand clients to Point It Digital Marketing as requested/ appropriate.

Proud to have Point It as an option for our partners!