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Full Funnel Attribution Beginning with Experience

January 31, 2017

Terminology of Web Experience:

Corporate sites
Regional sites
Local sites
Satellite sites
Landing pages
Micro sites
Location sites
Location pages
Franchise websites
Service area websites
Multi-location sites
Sub sites
Proxy sites
Small business websites
Medium business websites
Enterprise websites
Brand Distributor pages
Co-op pages
Branded co-op pages
Syndicated landing pages Profile pages
eCommerce sites
C-Store sites
Store sites
Agent sites
Inventory feed sites

Flexible Experiences that solve for:

Leads Tracking
Taking Brands Local
Digital Transformation
Ad-budgets (low-high)
Analytics/ tracking

Included are:

Robust APIs
Service Level Agreements / Uptime Guarentees
Simple Pricing


Your partner - to drive - your growth - beginning with experience. Agile enough to help one team or project, thoughtfully robust enough to work for your whole organization. Built around the collective experience of front-line product managers. Enhanced scalability and security with more than 50 features and functionalities released monthly.