3 Unique DevHub Uses for Performance Marketing

May 1, 2017

DevHub has an arsenal of tools that lets us deploy with a performance marketing agency much more rapidly than conventional CMS providers. Whether supporting mobile responsive sites, e-commerce sites, location dependent or vertically specific sites and landing pages DevHub has the experience and team to make things happen quickly - without taxing your IT resources.

There are three unique tools that help DevHub tackle challenges agencies face when launching campaigns that need to convert on a high volume of template-driven sites.


This process takes the header, footer and graphics from the existing site to create a microsite for each affiliate. Photos, contact information and other content are then administered programmatically through a dashboard.

For teams supporting franchises and affiliated agents, this allows DevHub to quickly establish and easily maintain sites at scale. The cost of ownership is kept low while maintaining brand compliance, security and web standards required by the client.


For sites with a more complex layout, “Trace” captures the page design and functionality, creating a mirrored image to be used for specific marketing campaigns.

This lets performance agencies launch campaigns more rapidly and without taxing internal development teams. Time to launch can be critical. By reducing the cycle and costs needed for the agency to launch, DevHub can help agencies remain agile, giving them a critical advantage in a competitive market.

Reverse Proxy:

With the “Reverse Proxy” service the mirrored site is hosted on a unique domain.

The agency needs their analytics in place to optimise campaign performance. This often places them at odds with the client that is reluctant to share access or introduce new tags. The Reverse Proxy avoids this conflict. The performance agency can use their internal tags and analytic services to measure campaign performance with all the detail they require. The client is free from having to administer analytic tags while protecting sensitive site data.


Together DevHub’s Migrate, Trace and Reverse Proxy services help digital agencies better service clients with high site volumes launching more quickly and by reducing costs both up front and over the lifetime of the sites they promote.