A list of BIG Agencies

October 19, 2016

OMD Worldwide
Deutsu Aegis Network
Interpublic Group
Kantar Group
Young and Rubicam
Grey Global

This a list of BIG agencies we work with, hope to work with or are in talks with. 

When thrown in a box of web experience or CMS - DevHub stands out. When a national brand represented by a big agency wants to roll out a marketing campaign targeted at the local level - at a scale of 10,000 locations in the US - there is no other choice but to build from scratch or use DevHub. Most product managers at these agencies have to get to work on building out a product road map (typically 6, 9, 12, 14 months) till launch. Yet this is the mobile web where speed is everything.

Last week at Seattle Interactive 2016  we learned that people searching will spend 50 milliseconds identifying whether they identify with the brand - now imagine not even being present for 6 seconds? Why build a solution when there is already a platform with agencies in mind - DevHub. We’ve witnessed  - unrealistic client deadlines - and push the limits of RUSH customizations. DevHub is your partner for the long haul.