ADA Compliance Checklist

April 11, 2017

Recently a client sent us a comprehensive checklist for ADA compliance from the folks at PaperStreet. Below is a quick snapshot - click over to PaperStreet for full checklist - 

Level A Compliance items comprise basic guidelines for website accessibility

  • Alternate text tags allow users to interpret page content without seeing images. Images have alternate text that can be read by screen reader software.
  •  Recorded video content includes captions.
  •  Video or audio-only content is accompanied by text transcript or description.
  •  Links are provided to media players required to view content.
  •  Headings are presented in logical order.
  •  "b" and "i" tags are replaced with "strong" and "em."
  •  There are no empty links or heading tags.
  •  Presentation does not rely solely on color.
  •  Automatically-played audio does not occur or can be stopped.
  •  The keyboard can be used to navigate the site.
  •  Keyboard focus is never stuck on one particular page element.
  •  Time limits provide notifications to the user.
  •  Automatically scrolling or blinking content can be stopped.
  •  No strobe effects or rapidly flashing colors occur on the site.
  •  “Skip navigation” functionality allows keyboard users to quickly access content.
  •  Page titles clearly and succinctly describe page content.
  •  Buttons and links are clearly and logically named.
  •  The language of each page is identified in code.
  •  Elements receiving focus do not change content in a substantial way.
  •  Invalid form input is identified to the user.
  •  Forms have labels and legends that can be read by screen reader software.
  •  There are no major validation errors.