Agile Marketing Cloud Platforms

October 19, 2016

Yesterday HPE (a cloud, server and storage company that split of HP in late 2015) announced the layoff of an undisclosed number of employees in North America - and possibly shutting down their Seattle offices.

As we onboard more brands and enterprise clients there is one thing that’s clear - an agile marketing cloud to serve the needs of the 900,000+ brands does not actually exist. At best the ‘Marketing Cloud,’ solutions being offered by the big IT/ Professional Service companies fits the 1% of national brands.  In order to cover the cost of 500 to 1000+ employees the price has to reflect the sales cycle - 9/ 12/ 14 months long putting most Marketing Cloud solutions out of reach for the 99% of national brands - enter DevHub.

DevHub is a thoughtfully robust platform that allows brands and/or agencies representing brands to start with the foundational experience and scale to CRMs, Programmatic, Marketing add-ons...more (see: Integrations).

Learn more about DevHub and building your own Marketing Cloud/ Suite.