DevHub Establishes Hiring Partnership with Code Fellows for Top Programming Talent

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EVO Media Group, creators of the platform that powers a growing market of small businesses looking to get online and mobile, announced it has partnered with Code Fellows, a premier digital trade school headquartered in Seattle, to provide the top technology talent necessary to further expand the reach of the DevHub platform for small businesses.

"The DevHub ecosystem is growing at a tremendous rate as we've forged partnerships with more than 30 key advertising solution providers across the YP Directory, National Agency, PayPerCall, and Digital Marketing sectors," said Ed O'Keefe, EVO's CEO. "With this rapid growth comes an increased demand to support and grow current and potential customers. The talented developers Code Fellows' intensive programs produce will play a critical role in helping us build and maintain the technologies that our small business customers rely on for automation, high conversion and small business profile management."

"EVO presents a terrific opportunity for our graduates as they seek the challenging, rewarding jobs they imagine when they start one of our Development Accelerators," said Kristin Smith, CEO of Code Fellows. "We're looking forward to working closely with EVO and helping them connect with some of the best and brightest developers in the Pacific Northwest."

DevHub has recently on-boarded several new channel partners that provide small businesses a sustainable solution for an ever-evolving and highly competitive local marketing landscape. Local Marketing resellers that work with the DevHub platform offer solutions that enable small businesses to scale their visibility, from websites and mobile, to Facebook and beyond.

"Working with Code Fellows allows us to tap into a source of well-rounded developers who bring not only top software and mobile programming skills, but also the fresh entrepreneurial drive that will help our partners' businesses thrive," O'Keefe said.

Smith agrees. "We work one-on-one with each developer to help place him or her in the right role. Many have a strong preference to help small/medium businesses grow their digital presence - and EVO is a perfect fit."

About DevHub, is a private labeled online/mobile presence platform designed to easily integrate into their Resellers marketing offerings. Current domestic and international Marketers use the turn-key solution to rapidly build & manage responsive websites, multi-location franchise pages and mobile sites on high conversion themes that increase the value of their existing service offerings.

DevHub's proprietary Migration Tool, allows Agencies, Directories, Publishers to seamlessly move their existing client's web and mobile sites onto the DevHub platform in one simple process to gain significant production efficiencies, quality, margin, conversion and to access the other marketing tools within DevHub. The platform is integrated with Optimizely for enhanced LeadGen analytics, and with to manage Merchant's presence and online reputation on Facebook, Yelp, Bing, Google Places and Yahoo.

EVO Media is focused on supporting their client's evolving offerings through their Professional Services team and partnering with other companies in the Digital Marketing ecosystem.

About CodeFellows

Code Fellows is a Seattle-based digital trade school that guarantees high-paying job offers after successful completion of its Development Accelerators. Their staff, students, and alumni are passionate about helping individuals, communities, and organizations thrive by providing world-class technical education, career coaching, and job placement services. To learn more about Code Fellows, visit

How did Groupon do it!?!

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They built 7 million Merchant websites overnight .... well, over-months.

Groupon announced Wednesday that they are now live with their new consumer facing Offers Site. Essentially creating a Groupon site that is powered by 7 million brand new freshly built, personalized, Merchant branded one-page websites. Bravo!

"But why didn't they build Pages for the balance of the 23 million Merchants they have content for in their databases?"

"Because it’s really hard to do. And they probably put years into building an internal proprietary system to stuff the Merchant content from their databases right into these Pages."

Basically the new Groupon Offers site is a copy of YELP’s site. Good move or not, it is still a monumental accomplishment to build 7million+ one page websites, with branding, content and copy specific to each individual Merchant. At initial glance, it looks like the the Pages include photos, tag-lines, hours of operation, maps/direction, logos and of course offers on each Merchant’s page. As well as options for conversion widgets like BookNow, Schedule, Click-to-Call, etc. And the Pages are of responsive design, so they show optimized content for each screen type (online, tablet, mobile, Apps, etc.)

We don’t have a specific view into how they did this at scale, but do know that there is at least one proven tech platform that will do the same for any Publisher that has access to Merchant content. These platforms pull the content directly off the web or out of a Publishers Database, and build it straight into any permutation of high performance templates, then rendered as branded sites. Once published, the new sites are responsive, giving that Publisher’s Merchants a compelling online, mobile and social presence that can be organized on a directory site like Yelp and GroupOn have done, and/or to be let loose to run free across the web and mobile ecosystem.

With new automated site creation technology, the Groupons’ of the world, could take the same content and instantly create Video Ad Units, Display Ad Units, LeadGen pages, Multi-Location sites, and Store Locator sites. These platforms allow Merchants to claim their pages to add/correct their business information, or allow internal editors to manage the content, look, feel, and conversion tools across all Merchant sites at the same time, or individually site by site.

For anyone that wants to do their own version of what Groupon did, the technology is now there today to make it instant, seamless and of mass scale. The boost in traffic and potential leadgen/content syndication deals are also a delicious reason to get in the game.

Congrats to Groupon for accomplishing such a mass-scale play via a ton of heavy lifting.

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