Behind the Scenes - Saas Sales Kick Off - DevHub (Transcribed)

May 31, 2019


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Thanks, Cedric

Alright, so this is our kind of kick-off video as we go into next week.

This is our behind the scenes video?

So this is the behind the scenes video, but more on our kind of sales process?

(Off-Screen): believe so.

Okay, cool.

So basically I think we said it before in a previous video, this room is where it is all happening.

Cedric is moving up in here, we have another person joining the team.

And we will be kicking off all of our sales efforts in the b2b space.

So we will be updating this hopefully daily.

We are kind of transitioning how we are doing these videos.

But hopefully daily in terms of our experience.

So the first thing we did was put everyone into different books.

And now we will begin approaching potential prospects, we will keep you posted.

Just so you know quick shoutout to two tools we are using, of the many tools.

But two of them is Pipedrive and Outreach.Io.

And so, yeah that is it - this is where it kicks off.

Starting now.


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