Bolt on Landing Pages to Existing CMS - DevHub (Transcribed)

April 10, 2020


Mark Michael  
Hey, everyone, Thanks for joining me

Broadcasting to you live from Seattle, Washington.

Happy Friday.

It wasn't.

Yeah, I was on set.

Okay, keep thinking about

Whether we put the day in there

When we do these videos

But again, you can even leave that

Conversation in there.

That's okay.

You can leave it.

Um, so

I just had an email rejection today saying

Hey, we are CMS does landing pages

And I was like

I don't think they understood it right.

Because the reason why people would be

Using our platform is to build landing pages

10, 15

20,000 at a time

And within one month

Like if you tell me you can build that many unique

Landing pages and Less than a month

Using your current CMS, then you don't need

A platform like ours.

But if you're looking at bolts on landing pages

To your existing corporate site

Landing pages for longtail SEO

Landing pages for product categories

Landing pages for anything related to e-commerce

Any pages for different groups that you're targeting

In terms of industries for B2B.

So, if you're looking for a scalable landing page solution

For 100




Half a million landing pages

This tool right here, bolts right on to your existing CMS.

If you don't know what CMS is

This video will probably not be relevant to you

But CMS is content management system.

And that's it.

Have a great weekend.

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