Brand Compliance at Scale - Landing Pages

February 15, 2017

Brand Compliance Landing Pages

One of the growing uses of DevHub is around publishing brand compliant landing pages at scale. From financial institutions to hospitality companies each has spent years honing their brand. And brands want to the control the identity, messaging and imagery across 100s if not 1000s of landing pages used by their channel partners/ resellers.

The flexibility of DevHub allows brand managers to auto generate landing pages that are brand compliant and on specific URLs. Rapidly replace: images, templates, content, offers so that the partner/ reseller does NOT have to worry about it.

We have heard all different names for these initiatives :

  • Distributed Marketing Pages
  • Co-Op Landing Pages
  • Co-branded Marketing
  • Vendor Landing Pages

In the end - the brand manager can rest assured that they have global control across localized landing pages. FYI permissions can be assigned on a granular level!