Brand Compliance via Super Network of Sites or Landing Pages

February 21, 2017

Brand Compliance at Scale DevHub

The scary part of launching 10s, 100s or 1000s of landing pages/ sites is CONTROL. With DevHub, managers know they have global control and can assign permissions on a granular level. The most successful uses of DevHub at scale allow for individual sites and landing pages to rest on their own unique URLs which is key in maintaining sustainable SEO and keeping up with web standards i.e. Google ETA, mobile web compliance, SSL...+more.

From hospitality companies to auto dealerships to healthcare and everything in-between, the ability to publish en-masse and maintain a unique super network of sites is real with DevHub. No longer do concerns about brand compliant images, templates, content, offers matter when using DevHub.

Whether managers are looking for distributed marketing pages, co-op landing pages, co-branded marketing or vendor landing pages - each can be build to the exacting standards of the brand and spread across 100s of sites.

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