Build Friendships while Building Websites

August 9, 2010

With everything going social today, why hasn't site building or blogging?  Unless you're a large operation like the TechCrunch's and HuffingtonPost's of the world, creating a blog or website is still largely constrained to a solitary endeavor due to the limitations of current blog/site platforms today. is aiming to finally change the game for the smaller bloggers out there by offering them social blogging and website building tools.

With DevHub's "Build a Site with a Friend"' option, multiple DevHub users can easily collaborate to build a blog, a small business site, or an affiliate product store.  So why create a site with a friend? Say that two friends want to start a fashion blog focused around designer purses. After signing up for a free blog on, they can choose the “Build a Site with a Friend” option and both share equal editing power in each of their accounts. With two site contributors on one concentrated effort, that site has more of a chance of being built up, maintained, and successful (it's like having a gym partner).  In addition to the ability to collaborate on site building efforts, DevHub takes care of the revenue split for money made on the site, so money is never a sore subject.

The result:
-Friends share common in a common goal
-Double the creative input is provided
-Automatic revenue distribution via action tracking

In addition to DevHub being a social site building platform, it also has fun elements and game mechanics integrated (see 'gamification') to keep users motivated.  Users who build a site actually see it grow as a building in their online empire.  Points and coins are attached to site building actions, with coins redeemable for site upgrades in DevHub's marketplace.  Users are updated once a week via the DevHub Weekly Times, which is personalized news about how their sites are doing.  

All in all, DevHub gives its users a fun, fulfilling experience while users build their sites and their friendships.