Build Your Customers SEO, SEM, Email, Social Strategy on DevHub

November 26, 2018

DevHub continues to be trusted by companies in the marketing technology landscape to easily and quickly deploy sites/ landing pages as art of a larger marketing strategy. Strategies from delivering geo-based campaigns to mass personalization landing pages - marketing orgs are executing via DevHub white label technology.

From robust APIs to simple Google Sheet integrations for managing data - DevHub offers the flexibility to automate workflows and integrate with 3rd party vendors. 

Vetted 3rd Party Vendors

Using DevHub along side of your favorite CRM or Appointment scheduling app or custom data feeds - instantly deploy at scale. 

Web standards, security and accessibility.

DevHub has never feared the future of search. Whether web standards being dictated by Google or voice, being a growing segment for digital marketing. The consumers various ways to access information drive the experience. Devhub is built around an open architecture which offers innovations to happens weekly and at scale.

DevHub, finally a platform your CMO understands

Rolling out sites/ landing pages via DevHub is easy and safe. Whether you are driving traffic via paid search or sending personalized landing pages as part of an email campaign. DevHub automatically provides detailed analytics, ssl and mobile compliance baked in. 

A simple shortcut to launching sites and landing pages is DevHub’s integration with Google Sheets. Google Sheets is a fast way to manage data and creative for campaigns. Of course the option to integrate via API or login to a CMS/ builder is also available.