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May 21, 2019


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Hey, just wanted to hop on here, and I'm hoping this will turn into an actual series I think this one on the title card says “Building a motley crew”.

Again my personal opinion in business is that there is a certain book that you can follow which is like - be nice to people You know, service the customer be good to your employees.

And then there is a book in terms of how you build your business.

To me building your business is all about people DevHub is nothing without its people.

And I always like to say we're an indie label in the town Of Amazon, Microsoft, and Starbucks And everyone else in Seattle

And I would even go a step further and say It's similar to I'm probably dating myself but The movie "Armageddon".

Yeah there is NASA that can get you I guess to the moon But this is like - we're a company of Bruce Willis, and Ben Affleck that we are actually Going to blow up the asteroid, In a good way.

To me, it's like when you are hiring I'm always willing to take a chance on somebody Because I really do believe anyone can do anything It's like how hard do they want to work I would caution just because someone has been there and done that before.

There is no guarantee that they can do that for you, zero.

Chances are they could but like, also your chances are you are paying them A shitload to find out they couldn't.

That's why I kinda like building a motley crew Because it's like sometimes I think drive -

and a lot of what I consider drive is: showing up every day.

And then willing to put in the work As you hire I think one of the characteristics that you Are looking for

It's like someone who really cares vs someone who Is just filling a seat.

And again I'm talking about your business is under 20 employees at this point

Maybe even under 10 employees at this point After 20, I can't speak to it because we are not there yet

But I can say right now

After this many years that we really have the right crew, the right rockband, the right people to blow up the asteroid.

And it's all been about taking the chance on the weird ones.

Hopefully, this video gives you a little bit of confidence to know that looking at the resume Or whatever, that can help you know getting good at letting people go.

Our conversations are pretty simple I'm just like hey we're going to have to call it, and if they don't see that coming then I did a shit job.

That was probably a little bit rambling Hopefully, you caught something in there that You know

Know that you are not alone.


Thank you.

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