Calling Customers Live | Linked-In Live | DevHub (Transcribed)

April 20, 2020


Mark Michael  0:10  
Oh, yeah, thank you, Cedric 

For teeing up another LinkedIn live.

So is it on LinkedIn right now?

Cedric Vallieu  0:18  
Yep, it should be on both

Wait? It says, yours is not approved.

It's giving me that that message.

Which is weird.

Mark Michael  0:26  


I see it for DevHub.

It's okay.

It's okay. I wonder if they'll let me put this.

Let me put this in my own LinkedIn. 

Just to see what happens.

Cedric Vallieu  0:55  
Like a link 

Mark Michael  0:56  



Alright, so I'm live right now, right? 

Cedric Vallieu  1:50  

Mark Michael  1:51  


Hey, welcome to another live broadcast via LinkedIn.

I am Mark Michael

CEO of DevHub based here in Seattle, Washington.

As I like to say, you know, built in Seattle deployed worldwide.

If you don't know

DevHub is a platform used by major brands

All over the world that use it to build a lot of websites

Or what we call experiences.

So whether that's a landing page or profile page

Full blown sites

The differences you are using DevHub to build out a lot of sites.

Today, I thought like

What I would do on air

Is just randomly call customers

And wish them a very good week.

And so, I'm going to call our first customer.

So some of our customers obviously they

They don't know I'm calling

But just so you know, a little bit of context

Is that a lot of our customers white label our software

And offer it as part of their own solution. 

So what I will tell you is that this particular customer

Manages some of the biggest

So sick Cedric!

It looks better than we were doing before.

Anyway, so Cedric is the producer of the show

You can't tell he's he's actually in the background

But randomly our customers

You know

Again, they white label

White label If you don't know means

They strip our name off of everything

Incorporate the product as their own

And then offer it to their customer.

So this particular customer is really huge

In the manufacturing space and in the channel marketing space.

So I'm going to call them and we'll see if they answer.

I'll call it a couple of little things.

This is all live.

And this is the co founder of that company.

And I'll tell you why I'm doing this in a second.

Voicemail  3:57  
Thank you for calling

Mark Michael  4:00  
Okay, he is not in.

But maybe I should leave a voicemail on the next one.

But the the general gist, the reason why I wanted to

Randomly call customers is because

One, you know, CEO wishing them

Obviously, a good week

Obviously we're all kind of in this thing together right now.

But also just to show like

If you're starting up your company

Or you know

I just wanted to like show the human side, right?

Like it's like sometimes. 

I mean, again, I'm thinking about myself three plus years ago

It's like, calling a customer

Like unless there's a problem

Why would you call them?

You know? 

But over the last let's say five plus years

The relationships that you have

Are what propel your business forward. 

And so even the fact that I'm able to call a customer

On their cell phone

I think is a testament to either

One how we can operate as a company.

It's all human. 

We're not just dropping off tech and saying see you later.

But it's also It comes with 

Me and the team that are always

Kind of forward looking to make sure that you look good

In front of all of your customers 

So here we go 

Let me call another one see what happens again.

I don't know if he will answer.

Voicemail  5:51  
Please leave a message and I will get back to you.

Mark Michael  5:53  
I'm going to leave a voicemail on this one

Voicemail  5:57  
At the tone please record your message

When your finished recording

You may hang up or press one for more options.

Mark Michael  6:05  
Hey, Gary, it's Mark.

Happy Monday.

Happy 420

Just wanted to wish you and your team

A super successful healthy week ahead.

 If you need anything we are here for you

Feel free to call, text, email.

You know how to get ahold of us. 

Thanks, Gary.

Have a great week. 

Hope you're everyone's doing well

Including your family. 


But and again, I can kind of keep going down the list.

But I just wanted to kind of just call up a couple

Let me try.

Let me try another one real quick.

This one, the one I just called before. 

So the first one was huge in manufacturing. 

The second one was also huge in manufacturing. 

This one's really huge in healthcare.

So let me call.

Voicemail  6:56  
Please message to the tone and I will get back to you.

Mark Michael  7:04  
Hey Kip! I hope all is well

Just wanted to wish you a great week

You and your team

You and your customers

If you need anything from us

Kip I'm here for you.

Text, email, call.

I just wanted to hear your voice.

Have a great Monday and a great rest of your week. 


And okay

So again that was kind of that experiment

Again, this is all live. 

So I just wanted to kind of put that out there.

Out of curiosity

Let me see, I want to see if I can call another one.

This is the owner of potential chain of coffee shops here. 

Let's see if she answers.

Janice  8:25  
Hey Mark.

Mark Michael  8:27  
How are you?

Janice  8:28  
I'm good, how are you doing?

Mark Michael  8:30  
Good, good, good. 

Did you get my note kind of earlier?

You kind of like the stuff

That we're rolling out for you this week

just so you can kind of see it.

So it's not like so hidden.

But the real 


The real reason for my call.

I hope you have a great day. 

And we're looking forward to that call later on this week.

Janice  8:51  
Okay, Cool.

Did we set up a time already? 


Mark Michael  8:55  
No, no, I just I just I texted you this morning.

That was it and i'll set up a time with you.

We can do it right now if you want.

Janice  9:03  
Sure actually.

If you wanna just text me the info.

Mark Michael  9:08  

Cool. How's everything going in your world this week 

Or last week or whenever?

Janice  9:14  
Pretty good, actually yeah.

It's going well.

Let me get back to you.

Mark Michael  9:22  
Yeah, you're fine.


Thanks, Jen. I'll talk to you.


Janice  9:25  


Mark Michael  9:28  
BOOM! just to hear

You know, like, it's like

You know

People don't really answer their phones 

But I mean, right now I am finding that more

And more prospects and customers to answer their phones 

Because again, most people are sitting at home. 

So it's like, either way

They're really busy like she was

And then can't get to it 

Or they will eventually call back. 

So, in this livestream.

What I wanted to convey is

That again, like everyone's human

You know, again, there's humans behind this company


If you're running a shop right now

Tech company




Like if you have the ability to call your customers

Even call vendors, you know

Just to kind of check in with people

I think it's a human thing to do.

It's what we do.

And that's it.

That's a 

That's this Monday's live stream on LinkedIn.

I hope it brought you either some assurances

If you're unsure about how to approach it.

But I mean, again, I will tell you 

Like that took me kind of years to get to that level

If you got there already.

You're already ahead of the curve.

But yeah, I wanted to show you that

And I will see you on the next LinkedIn live

And you can cut it.

Watch the full video here.