Companies Need to Avoid Platform Lockdown

July 4, 2016

DevHub allows digital marketers to build for future scale

A recent website technology report revealed that 25 percent of all websites utilize WordPress. When looking at all branded website platforms, WordPress’ share represents nearly 59 percent of the market. An impressive stat indeed! While WordPress has its advantages for one off websites, and many devotees, relying on WordPress as a Content Management System (CMS) for more than 25 sites often proves to be a challenge.

The WordPress platform offers a multitude of free and paid templates, add-ons and widgets in an attempt to easily address many small and growing business needs. This marketplace of templates and widgets is also what complicates site management, updates, site security, and the customization needs of multiple websites. In this age of content marketing, social promotions and the need for site updates and permission controls, relying on ridged templates and widgets that don’t quite address specialized needs complicates the ability to be nimble and to quickly make mass or locally-targeted updates.

Companies who manage hundreds, if not thousands of websites and landing pages often run head long into one of the greatest challenges with Wordpress, having to rely solely on approved widgets, plug-ins and add-ons. Trying to add unique plug-ins or work arounds often does not work, or worse yet slows down the website or creates a vulnerability for hackers to exploit. Beyond the basics of the platform, the learning curve for site management and development is quite steep.

While designed primarily for individual sites and blogs, WordPress may not be the best option for managing multiple websites and landing pages. DevHub is designed to be flexible and allows developers and designers to quickly learn and push updates in mass. DevHub also recognizes the value of centralized control to manage content updates, site analytics and content testing to enable management of 25+ sites for smart creative and marketing decision. DevHub offers a sustainable platform for developers and designers to build today for scale later.

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