Continuous Improvement to Proxy technology

March 24, 2017

Proxy Technology Marketing

If you are looking up proxy technology, either A) your company’s legacy platform just gave out or is about to or B) you realized there is no way to re-create or efficiently re-tool in the amount of time needed to have a viable solution. In either case, DevHub has consistently updated our proxy technology for internal use and for customers of the platform. Here is a brief rundown of all we’ve done so far with proxy:

Proxy Functions

Account provisioning

Deploying SSL at Scale

Analytics Reporting

Adding/ Disabling proxies

Sandbox environment for testing

Bulk update URLs


New proxy filters for GA tracking code

Proxy support for custom 404 pages

Proxy serving now using cache pointers

Support for base_directory Proxy and Domain Alias sites

Proxy domain field validation

Initial frontend and endpoints for managing Proxy

Combined resource (site, proxy, aliases) url check endpoint

Proxy parsing improvements

Added partner_proxy_id field to Proxy

New "proxy-theme" rendering mode for Themes

URL validation disabled on Proxy URLs

Auto-redirect between www and non-www proxy full domain urls

Automate domain registration

Active products setting (i.e. only proxy enabled) to optimize queries in other datacenters

Hide distracting navigation elements to tighten the conversion funnel

Prorating support with site/alias/proxy activation/deactivation logging


Platform Agnostic - DevHub Proxy is able to proxy from any site, regardless of how it was developed.

Minimal IT Support - DevHub hosts all proxied sites on your behalf, eliminating the need for additional spend on IT infrastructure.  

Temporary - DevHub Proxy uses the latest web search best practices to ensure sites are not indexed by search engines.

Write your own optimized copy and call to actions

Add any of DevHub's modules or integrations to pages

And of course.. track every interaction the visitor does to get the full view of how the campaign is performing

“In the last 2.3 years we made 170 - 180 ish improvements in our proxy technology and every week we are deploying new 5 - 10 enhancements!” Daniel Rust CTO/ co-Founder