Corporate to Hyper Local - B2B Strategies - one DevHub

October 11, 2016

Hyper Local Marketing

The decision to chose your agency to execute for the national brand client could come down to how you take their marketing dollars local. Recently we have had an influx of agencies working with national brands focusing their attention to the local or regional consumer to drive a specific action i.e. - leads, calls, walkins, online orders, reviews and sometimes awareness.  One of the best ways to drive targeted traffic is take the national brand - local.


The idea of building 100, 1,000 or 10,000 sites (whether that's corporate sites, store sites, local sites, local portals, profile pages, regional sites) - seems daunting. 


Multi site creation is easier than you think. Here 3 ways to think about building multiple websites:

Time to complete (1 day - 1 week) - Master Template “theme”
Using your creative agency side have the team build 1 solid template or theme that can be expanded upon or reduced depending on the use. 

Time to complete (hours) - Cloning
Using the client’s own digital assets, ingest into DevHub and simply ‘clone it’ content included or not. Any macros that you’ve used in content SEO tags..etc; are then shown on the new site. 

Time to complete (1 - 2 hours) - API Driven
Use the DevHub API to fully automate the creation and management of sites and landing pages without even entering the site builder or dashboard.
BONUS: TRACE - use DevHub’s proprietary technology to rapidly build and manage sites/ pages leveraging corporate brand requirements. TRACE copies the existing site. 

Automated - changes to corporate styles reflected dynamically on all location pages. 
Analytics - SEO, session tracking, and traffic interaction data embedded on every page.