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May 6, 2019

Deep Changes Trends in Local Marketing

Presentation given by Colby Atwood

Location Based Marketing Association - Retail Loco

Borrell Associates Inc.

Local Marketing Spending

• Advertising • Promotions • Digital Marketing Services • 100 Business Categories

• 71 Marketing Channels (National & Local) • 11 Years • 3,141 Counties

Other Services

• Strategic Consulting • Industry Papers • Presentations • Media Company Surveys • Advertiser Surveys


•Cable •Cinema •Direct Mail •Directories •Newspaper •OOH •Other Print •Radio •TV •Telemarketing •Online •Targeted Display •ROS •Email •Paid Search •Audio/Video

Non-Ad Marketing     

•Ad Production •Sales Management Tools •Public Relations •Online PR •Research •Promotions/Online promotions •Coupons •Discounts •Samples •Licenses •Games •Sponsorships •Loyalty Programs •Event Marketing •Promo Products •Proximity Marketing

Digital Services

•Web Presence •Online Public Relations •Online Marketing •Online Ad Production •Online Consulting & Research

$1.9 Trillion in Marketing Spending, 2018

Who Handles Digital Services For Local Businesses?

  • Digital Services is a hugely fragmented industry, with 97% of local businesses outsourcing. Big-name providers such as GoDaddy, Wix, Squarespace, CDK Global, and collectively hold only about 10% of the market

Targeting Methods:

Targeting Method             Percentage         Average Spend             

Geographic or Location             37%             $15,315

Age, gender                     23%               $9,584

Behavioral                     12%               $4,860     

Other digital targeting               6%               $2,642

No targeting                     21%               $8,630    

3,227 respondents to Borrell’s 2018 Local Advertiser Survey

Colby Atwood