DevHub Acquires Brickwork Software

May 18, 2021

DevHub acquires Brickwork Software to further strengthen its position as the leader in local marketing technology. DevHub’s Data Experience Platform is used to power local experiences for multi-location brands; creating meaningful connections - from online discovery to engagement that creates the hand-off for a seamless offline transaction - in every vertical, for every store location, in every market.  

Why we’re excited! 
A rapidly growing segment of DevHub’s users are using the Data Experience Platform to power multi-location brand experiences worldwide to make their products and services accurate and accessible in their local markets. 

  1. The acquisition is an opportunity to extend the native capabilities of our platform and give local-first brands the tools to create better customer experiences. 
  2. We can put our expertise on display - with the acquisition, DevHub now powers the local customer experiences for brands that include Nike, Chanel, and Saks Fifth Avenue, among others. 
  3. Growth! The Brickwork team is joining DevHub’s.
  4. NYC - DevHub will (finally!) have a presence in New York City.

Today, DevHub has refined its local marketing suite of products, launched a budding sales enablement program that features industry insights and product knowledge focused on articulating DevHub’s advantages to its partners - customer experience and personalization at scale.

Scaling Customer Experience

Scaling customer experience means scaling customer interactions with the brand - with more time spent online, there’s more opportunity for customers to spend online with any given brand - DevHub’s platform makes the time spent online a personalized and revenue-generating opportunity. 

With the pandemic, there was a period where online was the only opportunity for customers to engage with a brand.

Now with local business slowly recovering, and as a direct result of the acquisition, DevHub will be adding native online-to-store conversion actions such as appointment booking and event RSVPs to its list of Local Experience offerings. Paired with DevHub’s unique ability to scale personalized customer experiences, brands can build data-powered, intelligent experiences that can keep up with the times and what’s important to the brand’s customers at the moment, in their locale.

What’s coming
Over the next year, Brickwork's software suite will be integrated with DevHub’s Data Experience Platform. We’re looking forward to innovating on Brickwork’s current toolset and integrating their technology as a part of DevHub’s Data Experience Platform, bringing Brickwork Software’s tools to all of the brands that we work with today and all of the advantages of DevHub’s platform to the brand’s we’re welcoming.