DevHub As A Strategic Partner

October 6, 2016

DevHub As A Strategic Partner

“DevHub’s platform has allowed us to quickly develop robust websites on a scalable platform complete with Domain Registration, central CMS, and excellent template tools. The standard features allow for quality deliverables with options for customization.” says VP, Interactive Operations and Product Development from a large marketing technology (Martech) company, who have used DevHub as their platform for over four years.

Despite constant push back from new clients they’ve been able to launch 6 different instances of DevHub each for a unique use case whether building one off websites, bundling a landing page with programmatic or created vertical specific coupon pages. Companies wanting to use this martech company typically want to use a custom version of an existing platform i.e. wordpress, drupal or duda...yet those same companies are expecting a lot out of platforms that were built to do one thing.

DevHub has worked to help complete the full realization of a product too. Whether be email marketing companies wanting to bundle a landing page to show full attribution or display advertising companies looking to offer landing pages to accompany IAB standard ads.

“Partnering with DevHub has enabled our product team to spend more time focusing on what we do best – boosting advertising performance. We’re excited to be able to offer a more efficient, scalable landing page solution to our local partners and their local business advertisers.” - Senior Vice President of Local