DevHub co Founders Podcast Interview

February 2, 2019

Recently our co-Founder(s) Mark Michael and Daniel Rust were featured on a Podcast series called Folk Stories. In their (Mark and Daniel) episode they discuss DevHub's founding, turbulent years to now. DevHub is emerging as a leading technology for brands looking to stay ahead in the ever changing digital marketing landscape.

From the Folk Stories site:

Mark Michael (CEO) and Daniel Rust (CTO) are the co-founders of DevHub, a white label technology platform that powers some of the world's most recognizable brands. Companies license DevHub technology to create sites /landing pages pages at scale. Companies also use DevHub as the repository for their experience data.

Mark and Daniel first met in high school and have been working together as business partners ever since. At DevHub, Mark handles business and marketing whereas Daniel defines its technical road-map and vision. According to Mark, Daniel is the closer and the person that comes in to seal the deal.

In today's episode, we talk candidly about Mark and Daniel's history, the early days of DevHub and how the two founders deal with conflict, and DevHub today and where the founders hope to take it.

Listen to the full Podcast here