DevHub For Your Organization | Macro | Data Powered Experience (Transcribed)

April 8, 2020

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I am your host Mark Michael

CEO/ co-founder of DevHub.

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Today's video is about DevHub for your organization.

And basically, the three what I would call macro reasons

Why people use DevHub and DevHub's technology

And DevHub products

Which are basically interconnected.

Number one, and again, these are in no specific order.

That becoming DevHub allows your organization

To be the source of truth or the hub. For your data, right

So that's like the main thesis.

And then these three things follow that actually

It's how I should have said it.

Number one, the source of the source,

Being the source of truth for your own data

Allows you and your teams to basically better select vendors

And integrations, because you will know what's going on across,

You know, what you have in the data.

You know, like, I'm going to pick this CRM

I'm going to pick this online ordering platform

And no one can all of a sudden take that away

Because you know, that you're that source of truth.

Number two, you can create stronger relationships with your customers.

If your customers are asking for things related to locations

If your customers are asking for things

Specific to marketing activities, lead gen, whatever,

You're able to create those solutions quickly

Because you have everything in one kind of hub.

One DevHub and finally number three

You're able to generate reoccurring revenue

Versus a SaaS model or software as a service model.

So if you're no longer doing things as an agency

And if you're a technology provider

You're able to bolt on that reoccurring revenue via SAAS.

So those are three of the macro levels

Of how does that work within for for your organization

As a technology and your product.

And so I wanted to put that out there this video

Because I will start to now go back and talk about

Specific industries and how they use DevHub to solve specific problems. Thank you.

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