DevHub: Front-line Technology and Innovation Part 3 of 3

January 3, 2017


2017! Learn about what we accomplished in a short 2016. Below is part 3 of 3 -

Innovations to DevHub

  • Evolved migration technology to include legacy proxy technology
  • DevHub solved for the “proxy URL deprecation,” or “deprecation of Whitelisted Proxies” URL/ domains related to Google ETA (Expanded Text Ads).
  • Digital/ Web Experiences defined as ‘sites’ over 10+ controlled via DevHub
  • Build your own agile marketing suite via vetted partners, integrations and plugins 40+
  • DevHub can work with your tech teams to build solutions for vertical specific markets; included so far Real estate, Service based, Legal, Healthcare, Home Services, Education, Auto.
  • As marketing technologies (martech) fill an already crowded space the commoditization of CRMs, email...etc has begun. While most will fade out - the tried and true solutions will emerge on top.
  • Utilizing marketing and advertising technology companies, DevHub encompasses what a modern technology stack or ‘marketing cloud’ should be - AGILE.
  • Sustainable SEO or Web Strategy is baked into DevHub to weather the major Google updates.
  • DevHub exists predominantly for all types of agencies and cloud service companies that run the gamut of digital experiences/ presence for a host of uses.
  • Regional ad-pools, leveraging consistency using DevHub and assigning permissions.
  • The idea of building 100, 1,000 or 10,000 sites (whether that's corporate sites, store sites, local sites, local portals, profile pages, regional sites) - is executable via DevHub.