DevHub helps companies keep up with latest web standards

March 21, 2017


ADA compliant websites are becoming the latest web standard brands and their web platforms are needing to keep up with. Managing one website to meet the standards is fairly easy assuming you can get a hold of your web developer and make the necessary changes. But if you are managing 100s if not 1000s how would you comply?

Under the nondiscrimination requirements of Title III of ADA - any business that is not a provide club need to comply. Websites should make sure all those with disabilities of sight, hearing of mobility have access to all sections of your website.

Some of the requirements are:

  • Resizable Text with a high contrast mode
  • Photos need to have text descriptions
  • Videos should have transcripts

Here is a notice from the US Department of Justice dated April 29, 2016 -- Statement Regarding Rulemaking on Accessibility of Web Information and Services of State and Local Government Entities.

Furthermore the American Bar Association lays out a detailed four point view of Title III of the ADA.
Companies utilizing DevHub as their web experience platform need not to worry - as making websites ADA compliant across their entire reach is easy enough.