DevHub Integrates With ReachEdge by ReachLocal

September 2, 2016

DevHub integrated ReachEdge to bring Lead Conversion software to local sites built on DevHub. Simply put, DevHub gives you the power to leverage ReachEdge across your local strategy for capturing more leads and calls and allowing your customers to convert more customers. 

3 ways ReachEdge is unique:

  • Lead Tracking - capture leads by marketing source i.e. search advertising, display, SEO, social media and more.
  • Real-Time - alerts everytime a business gets a new contact from their website.
  • Lead Nurturing - get a daily digest email of all new contacts and top leads.

ReachEdge helps small business boost and track their ROI. Additionally, by using DevHub ReachEdge is a simple toggle enabling one off sites or sites en masse. 

Contact DevHub to learn more about ReachEdge use cases, scaling your local strategy and tracking ROI.