DevHub Introduces Data Experience Platform to Help Marketers Drive More Meaningful Customer Engagement

February 10, 2021

Seattle, February 10, 2021 -- DevHub, Inc, the leader in Data Powered Experience (DPE), today announced the continued expansion of their platform’s functionality with marketers in mind. This expansion can be leveraged by marketers working across retail, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, hospitality, and food services.

Built on the DevHub platform, marketers can now centralize data from disparate sources to quickly build data-driven experiences that personalize landing pages and websites for both B2B and B2C customers via a simple and accessible Google Sheet back-end for content management.

With DevHub’s data-powered platform, marketers can deliver on the promise of personalized customer experiences that aligns with search intent; creating an optimized experience for businesses that are committed to personalizing the customer journey and surfacing exactly what consumers are looking for when they’re looking for it.

DevHub first launched its Google Sheets platform as a product called RallyMind ( RallyMind’s mission - to provide an easy way for marketers to build 20+ landing pages and websites for local marketing, channel marketing, B2B marketing, and Small Business Marketing needs.

“Google Sheets acts like an API shortcut to DevHub’s actual technology without having to initially integrate with our APIs - companies can later choose to fully integrate. Google Sheets allows marketers to spin up online experiences like landing pages and sites without the need to get IT involved.” per Daniel Rust Co-Founder and CTO of DevHub. “Marketers only need to copy and paste a new row into the Google Sheet and a new website or landing page is built in real-time.”

DevHub has deployed experiences for just over 170 brands using their Data Powered Experience Platform for a total of over 1,977,000 unique experiences in the form of websites and landing pages.