DevHub is the Global Leader for Reverse Proxy

May 10, 2017

Reverse Proxy is the tool performance marketing agencies need — in order to keep up with the changing mobile web.

Simply put — Reverse Proxy creates a mirror image copy of the advertiser’s website with all of the content the same, except phone numbers can be replaced with call tracking and the ability to add embedded analytics is a lot easier. DevHub’s proxy technology can read a current site/ landing page’s content and can replace key actions with those that are measurable i.e. calls, form fills, downloads, coupons etc.

As more retailers are getting better at building their web experiences i.e. websites. Reverse Proxy allows brands/ agencies to mirror a site on a unique domain. This is important as agencies need to place their analytics in order to optimize search engine marketing campaigns. Utilizing reverse proxy allows agencies to use their internal tags, A/B testing and analytics to measure ROI without having the client administering shared access or placing new tags - while protecting sensitive site data.

Evidence of DevHub’s global prominence in servicing performance marketing agencies with reverse proxy in 2016,is evident in the numerous customers who deployed proxy solutions ahead of Google’s Expanded Text Ad requirements - based on DevHub’s growing arsenal of tools in web experience.