DevHub Launches Custom CDN Support

November 19, 2019

A content delivery network (or CDN) is a system of distributed servers (a network) that deliver web content based on the user, the origin of the webpage, or the content delivery server's geographic location. The purpose of using CDN's is to ensure fast, efficient, and secure delivery of content to websites and internet services.

DevHub has recently launched a new feature (we work fast!) - support for custom CDN (content delivery networks) setups for serving URLs for static theme assets and images within the site and themes. There's no specific CDM platform that is preferred or required - the DevHub platform is agnostic to which CDN provider is being used. 

Under the site settings within the site builder, you will find a field labeled "asset URL prefix". In this box, you would enter the base URL of the CDN which will be serving the assets - this would update any .js, .css, or image assets so that they are served from the CDN instead of locally from the hosted site. 

If you need to link an asset from our platform from within your theme or template, you can use a template code to add to your page which will automatically handle the CDN references. 

According to co-founder and CTO Daniel Rust, "...load time is a big factor in SEO rankings - [with custom CDN support], your landing pages and websites will have a faster load time". 

If you have any questions or concerns, or just to learn more about what this all means and what it can do for you, send us a message!