DevHub Login Screen - The Hub of Activity

November 7, 2016

DevHub Login Screen

From Australia to Japan to Latin America and places in between, DevHub login screens capture the pulse of the cities/ countries we operate in - and yes, we feature Seattle prominently.

Every quarter we release a new batch of login screen themes for DevHub. This quarter the focus is: cities in which we operate. It takes seconds to login into the DevHub Dashboard and that experience starts within the login screen.

There are 9 cityscapes in this release - and with hundreds of product managers and production team(s) logging in daily/weekly we wanted to start them off feeling relaxed. Login screens are not a new concept of software as a service platforms, however making them unique on a quarterly basis is one small gesture of thanks to our partners around the world.

The login screens have become part of DevHub’s identity with our customers. Each login screen is branded with the respective customer’s logo and unique URL (no mention of DevHub as we are private labeled) greet each person daily.

As the 4th quarter of 2016 has become a defining moment in our history it was important for us to reflect on the past years growth by representing visually the cities in which DevHub’s customers are located.