DevHub On Vetted Partners, Plugins and Integrations

September 28, 2016

DevHub Integrations

Every Friday DevHub announces new vetted partners, integrations and/ or plugins available to users. DevHub is introduced to these solutions from existing/ potential users looking for ways to consolidate the many Ad:Tech/ MarTech offerings into one hub.
DevHub (for now) is at ease being a robust multi site CMS, while our true story is still being defined. Our use cases are vast but all have one thing in common...integrations. Our bring it-with-you approach reflects our commitment to our customers and their end-users. Unfortunately, on your own you’d never know DevHub powers agencies, media companies and technology providers across the globe; your competitive review will show them winning, but it won’t show you how they do it. Below is a list of (some) of our vetted partners and integrations that make DevHub your Hub for web experience management. 

Meet the 37 (so far and in no specific order) add-ons to DevHub

Google Tag Manager - Marketers using DevHub can easily add and update website tags for conversion tracking and site analytics on any of their DevHub sites/ landing pages.
ReachEdge - Lead conversion software specifically designed for local businesses.
NavAds - Most complete solution for content ingestion into the leading mapping databases.
Shoprocket -  Add eCommerce to your existing website and start selling online in 5 minutes.
Textbroker - Unique content at scale.
Nuvi - Real time data visualizations
ShoutAboutUs - Online review management software
Mobitkite - Mobile focused marketing tools including coupons, loyalty rewards, text/ email.
SweetIQ - Local marketing campaigns to drive conversions from local search
NewRelic - Performance monitoring
Leftronic - Dashboards - Payments
PingUp - Online Booking/ Scheduling
Twilio - Call tracking numbers and analytics
Stripe - Payments
Rackspace - Webmail, seamlessly - Analytics
Cloudflare - 100% uptime/ DDoS Protection
Bigstock - Royalty free photos
iPromote - Ads to Landing Pages
Agendize - High performance scheduling/ booking widgets at scale
eNom - Domain registration baked into DevHub - Seamless domain registration within DevHub workflow
Google Analytics - Built right into the DevHub platform. 
Sokrati - Programmatic Marketing
CanIRank - SEO tech/ agency
Telmetrics - Call tracking and analytics
SiteWit - A great team and simple SEM wizard
Matchcraft - SEM campaigns with DevHub's high-conversion verticalized landing pages
TalkLocal - Generate local leads
ActCloud - simple CRM for small businesses
Vendasta - Reputation monitoring
SOCI - one of the best social media management tools we’ve come across
Optimizely - A/B testing at scale
AffinityX - Scalable production
Local Market Launch - Business listing management 

For this list visit DevHub Integrations