DevHub Provides Mobile Solution With All-Inclusive Plan

January 13, 2012

In the last few years smart phone use has exploded globally and with it the need for website access through a mobile solution that provides users a unique presentation for companies to highlight their products to an eager customer base.

U.S. Mobile Apps vs Web Consumption

One example of increased mobile browsing and this is just the U.S.!

Simply having a web browser on the phone isn’t the answer. A fantastic desktop site can be frustrating to read and simply too much trouble for the visitor to use on a mobile device and the function of one doesn’t naturally translate to the other; on the mobile web utility is more important than style.

Yet companies are slow to advance their online presence through the platform of the mobile device. One reason may be that they haven’t yet got a marketing handle on the company website and its many moving parts – blogs, video, news sections, etc. – and adding a mobile site seems like less of a priority.

Nevertheless, recent studies show that more and more of the global population is experiencing the web through a mobile device and that time spent browsing the net on a phone is overtaking the time spent at a PC.

Gartner estaimates that by 2012 mobile phones will overtake PCs

Still not convinced that a mobile app will contribute to your company’s success?

•    According to a recent survey from Compuware, 40% of users have turned to a competitor’s site after a bad mobile experience.
•    Google Mobile Ads found that only 21% of its advertisers had launched a mobile site by mid-2011
•    61% of users call a business after finding it in search –Google

The Key

DevHub’s mobile solution gets you in front of your target audience quickly and affordably and allows you to create both a desktop site and a mobile version congruently.

This dynamic service delivery platform and industry-leading infrastructure enables rapid deployment of a full suite of web services designed to help business customers get online easily and profitably.

And because custom templates are included, for mobile screens and are optimized for all iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Mobile devices, this answer to your mobile needs is Future-proof!

DevHub is focused on providing a single solution for managing user’s content and data across any screen, network, or platform. By bringing it all into one system, enormous value from built-in efficiencies around production, overhead, R&D, and maintenance will return dividends to our customers in the form of larger profit margins.

And all this at a fraction of the cost of using multiple providers.