DevHub releases 6.6.0 - Rapid Deployment at Scale

January 10, 2017

Internal employees like the power of control -add in the element of scale and DevHub becomes extremely fun! Deploying images or updated offers across 10s, 100s, or 1000s of sites and landing pages quickly becomes necessary when the frequency of the promotion changes at a fast pace.

DevHub’s 6.6.0 release -out now - reduces the time involved in deploying updates to sites and landing pages among other scaled rollouts i.e. SSL for example.

“This release is more for internal use of rapid deployments of DevHub customer asks, explains Daniel Rust DevHub CTO/co-Founder. The benefit to our customers comes in the form of expediting custom requests in hours versus days. We are poised to further support our customers beyond any traditional service level agreement with 6.6.0.”