Digital Consultancies and Their Preferred Platforms

November 23, 2016

digital consultancies

What makes a successful digital marketing consultancy? From a 10,000+ person organization (think: EY, IBM, pWC, McKinsey)  to the well-known local digital marketing companies - each has their place.

On a recent client pitch I had an epiphany - many ( if not most )  of these consultancies, actually have limited if not zero propietary technology or platforms! It was getting late in the day and traffic in Seattle is getting more brutal by the week - but the idea kept swirling in my head ‘they have no tech platform.’

Back at the office the next day, I started reading more about the ‘consultancies’ involvement in large digital experience transformations for national and mid sized brands. In the past 4 years there have been over 25+ acquisitions from the large management consulting and IT services firms. These rollups created untold billions of dollars in an  industry focused on digital transformation, design, customer experience and product management.

On closer inspection,  I noticed a distinct trend - more people, less technology. If you look at (formerly Ernst and Young), according to LinkedIn over 10,000 employees - yet what technology are they running to take a national brand → local? First, I cannot confirm that absolutely no technology exists as I know IBM has Watson, but really, what technology platform are the rest of these huge consultancies using? And how stuck are the national brands with  totally custom solutions, built one off at great expense.

As consumer search moves faster - mobile, location, VR etc - platforms or basic protocols to manage entire brand’s digital experience will be required to make the proper transformations quickly. Look no further than DevHub, a platform born out of media companies need to adapt to the digital age. TODAY DevHub has evolved beyond the original thesis of websites, and now powers entire presence and marketing campaigns for the entire marketing ecosystem.  From performance marketing companies to leading adtech/ martech providers, national brands and soon large IT consulting/ professional service companies., the DEVHUB solution works effectively, nimbly and right now.

Post by: Mark Michael DevHub CEO/ co-Founder.