Effective Lead Generation At Scale

January 26, 2017

Mobile Landing Pages

As brands look for a competitive advantage and their agencies deploy scaled go-to-market strategies - the better served the consumer is. The goal is give consumers what they are looking for - in the moment they are looking for it - tailored to their specific search - whether geography or product - FAST. Google calls this "Mobile Search Moments."

More product/ digital/marketing managers want to easily creating 10s, 100s, 1000s of campaigns through landing pages tied to a specific locations (online/offline). Mobile landing pages are more popular than ever through DevHub. As managers drive consumers to the appropriate offer, in real-time, with live inventory and localized near them. 

Managers utilizing DevHub to generate mobile landing pages streamline redundant tasks and create unique engagements and content across 10s of 100s of sites through the use of marcos:

Examples of macros use in DevHub:

  • Customize forms with specific calls to action based on: name, location, phone # + more
  • Updating dynamic values for meta tags
  • Build call to action content
  • Ability to create custom macros for brands/ industry specific fields

Learn more about mobile landing pages and DevHub.