Global management of localized web experience

January 23, 2017

DevHub Web Experience

Why is managing a brand’s local experience (offer) so important? Because visitors from the web convert! And if the correct offer does not display at the appropriate time/ location - chances are the brand lost that prospective customer forever. Managing one landing page is easy if that is your sole responsibility - but how about 300 or 1000 unique offers based on geographies or time period? Before DevHub, product/ brand managers had to use one variation of a promotion using simple landing page creation tools not designed for scale.

With DevHub - utilizing macros can streamline redundant tasks and create unique engagements and content across 10s of 100s of sites.

  • Customize forms with specific calls to action based on: name, location, phone # + more
  • Updating dynamic values for meta tags
  • Build call to action content
  • Ability to create custom macros for brands/ industry specific fields

Below is a snapshot of Macros that can be used within any content of the site/landing page (text, page titles, meta tags, etc)

DevHub Sample Macros Web Experience

Brands looking for a competitive advantage need to look no further to deploy scaled go-to-market strategies - and their agencies will love DevHub for the same reason. In the end the goal is to better serve the consumer search and give consumers what they are looking for in the moment they are looking for it - whether in a specific geography or looking for a unique product - FAST. Creating localized landing pages with DevHub is easy.