Google Maps Pricing Changes

July 18, 2018

If you are running legacy/ fragmented platforms for sites / landing pages - making these updates could be a nightmare. Let's talk about options.

Google has recently implemented major Google Maps pricing changes across all of the Mapping APIs that they provide that went into effect on July 18, 2018. This includes their Javascript API, Geocoding and Google Places. They have given us a period of time to monitor usage before we begin to be charged.

If your projects use Google Maps API to a significant degree - you can expect to be impacted.

We at DevHub have not historically charged our customers for this service or any usage costs as we have operated below the Google Maps API quotas.

All APIs are now moving to a "per 1000 requests" usage model that range from $2-$20 per thousand requests. Essentially this is a price increase of +1000%.

DevHub was built to handle these types of radical changes - especially at scale.

Companies looking for alternatives to Google Maps might try - Apples, Azure, HERE, Mapbox, MapTiler or Tom Tom to name a few.